Bincom Tech Club

Bincom maintains 2 distinct but similar communities. Bincom Tech Club focused on newbies & beginners and Bincom Tech Network focused on people with expertise in Tech.

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  • Bincom Tech Club:  – to help Beginners, Newbies and people just starting their journey into Tech –
  • Bincom Tech Network: (Slack Channel) – A community of tech enthusiasts and people with expertise in Tech across Africa –

This page is focused on Bincom Tech Club

About Bincom Tech Club

Bincom Tech Club is designed as a community to help Beginners, Newbies and people just starting their journey into Tech.

Bincom Tech Club currently exists as WhatsApp & Telegram groups with plans to have offline instances in the near future. Bincom Tech Club is strictly for Tech and Tech related matters.

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  • bridging the information,  knowledge and opportunity gap in the area of science and technology


  • Create an ecosystem that enables tech minds to learn and leverage on the vibrant tech community for individual club members to become world-class tech experts.

Community Guidelines

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Helpful
  • Give first


  • Discussion of Tech opportunities.
  • IT & IT related posts
  • Tech Learning Opportunities
  • Introductions and sharing areas of expertise
  • Posting of items that foster learning and is in line with the vision/mission of the club.
  • Reviews of Tech updates and how you have applied it
  • Asking questions.
  • Productive interactions between members that foster learning and solution provision.
  • Review of policies and trends as it affects Tech
  • Discussions of IT Business Opportunities
  • Collaboration Opportunities
  • Support, advisory, or consultation in any IT area
  • Provision of Tech solutions (No Spamming)
  • Other useful ideas

Not Acceptable

  • Anything that does not promote or encourage Tech industry.
  • Any form of  personal greetings (with the exception of Tech related life events)
  • Any form of immoral images and graphical or sensitive pictures or images.
  • Anything not related to the vision/mission of the club.
  • Any form of derogatory comments directed at anyone

One strike rule

We operate a One strike rule:

  • A member that flouts the rules of the Bincom Tech Club will be removed from the club.
  • When in doubt, please have a conversation with the community moderator and seek approval first before sharing.
  • Contentious information can be shared after such has been reviewed/approved by the community moderator.
  • Any unacceptable action by any Bincom Tech Club member would mean a temporary or permanent removal from the community
  • Should a defaulting member be interested in remaining a member of the community,  such member may reach out to the community moderator to tender an apology/explanation if necessary.
  • Important: The community moderator reserves the right to accept or not accept such apology / explanation from defaulting members.
  • If the defaulting member is invited back to the community,   such defaulting member must offer a general apology to all members of the Bincom Tech Club instance.
  • Community Moderators are reminded that all sanctions should be restorative as much as possible.

Bincom Tech Club Programmes

  • Daily Tech Post
  • Tech Know Tuesday (Sharing Knowledge Development)
  • Weekly Drills


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