Bincom Academy – Application Development Classes

What is Bincom Academy?


Bincom Academy is an intensive training programme facilitated by Bincom ICT Solutions. Each Application development Class is a 4 weeks intensive training. During this period, we shall take the participant through our core application development training curriculum in a Montessori approach.


Application Development Classes Available

The following Application Development Classes are available :

  • Bincom Academy: PHP/MySQL Class
  • Bincom Academy: Python Class
  • Bincom Academy: Mobile Application Class

What you will learn?

By the end of the session,

  • Participant will have a strong working knowledge of the relevant class of study.
  • Participant will have built several projects with the technologies learnt.
  • Every participant will participate individually in various Code Sprints and will be exposed to building various working projects.
  • There will be several opportunities to showcase all the knowledge acquired within the training programme under the guardian of the various mentors.

How you will learn?

The training is a Montessori type class with lots of practical on a daily basis. You will learn by doing, NO cramming in this class, just pure coding.

How will the Montessori Approach work?

The classes will include hours of practice, development & implementation. The course content is highly skewed towards personal research. Participants will learn by themselves under the guidance of their facilitators or mentors. Participant will be exposed to projects and may even get the opportunity to work on some aspects of some of our real life projects as determined by the Academy faculty or mentors.

During the contact sessions, the progress of the participant is reviewed and guidance is provided as required.

The Mentors and Facilitators

Training facilitators are seasoned professionals who have built and currently work on various advanced projects with Bincom ICT Solutions.

The class would be assigned a facilitator per week. Each participant is also assigned a mentor.  The Faculty are developers in the Nigerian programming community. Participant will also have access to some of the key resource in Bincom’s Technology Team.

Is it restricted to the Class of Study ? 

No! Though the Development Stack of Study will be the core focus of the Training Programme. Participants will be exposed to several other technologies that will enable their work and give them an edge.

Bincom Academy is structured to enable participants learn at their pace.

Training Requirement

Participant must attend the training contact sessions with:

  • A laptop (preferably Windows OS)
  • Proof of Identification

All contact sessions are required and compulsory.


Participants must have a minimum of average working knowledge of basic computer software including Microsoft Word and Standard web browsers before commencement of the programme.

Prior basic knowledge of HTML though not compulsory is recommended – You can read up basic HTML at

Pre Training Reading

Participant are also encouraged to go through various available online resources on the course of study.

This training will start from beginner level and touch on various theoretical topics, however we will dwell more on applying basic knowledge to build working projects.

Note: Some Classes have the Beginners Track and Intermediate Tracks.


Bincom Academy Programme Fee 

The programme fee is 50,000naira  ( for the 4 weeks period – 7 Contact Sessions).  Partial scholarships and Full Scholarship available for 2 outstanding students.

How to Apply?

Register for the Bincom Academy Class of interest.  Register here and make payment  upon approval. There are limited spaces available

Click here to apply.


Who is the Scholarship offer designed for?

Bincom Academy scholarship is targeted at Students on Industrial Attachment, fresh graduates who have completed or at various stages of completing their NYSC programme. These candidates can potentially be recruited as Graduate Trainees in Bincom ICT Solutions.

Note:  Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Scholarship applicants may be invited for interviews.


To apply for scholarship?

Please complete the training application form first before applying for a scholarship. Complete the scholarship application form as accurately as possible for those interested in the scholarship offer.

Click here to apply.


Why was Bincom Academy created?

Bincom Academy was created when Bincom ICT started experiencing difficulties in filling some of it’s vacant roles in its technology team. Realizing the dearth of trained & experienced talents in the industry,  Bincom decided to train the talents that it needs. If successful, Bincom Academy will become the point of recruitment for various organisations within the ICT industry in Nigeria.


Where you will learn?

The Training Location is in Lagos, Nigeria. We shall communicate the exact Training venue to only confirmed trainees.

The next Session

Click here to apply.

Register for any of our February classes and get 30% discount.

For more information

For more information please send a mail to or simply Call Oluchi on 0701 195 4852

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