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Bincom ICT Solutions is a fast growing Information Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions Corporation. Founded in 2006 with a core in web and emerging technologies, we have since developed expertise in various complex areas of ICT, and are fast being recognized as one of Nigeria’s foremost ICT firms in the provision of cutting edge Technology Solutions.

We are innovators who are driven by an ambition to provide our clients with tomorrow’s technology today, which enables us to think out of the box to prescribe, develop and deploy the best solutions to meet our customers’ unique business and technology needs.

Our team consists of experienced individuals renowned in various aspects of technology implementation including Software Development, ICT Service Management, Project Management, Social Media, Mobile and Emerging Media.

Our Vision
To be the world’s best and universal provider of ICTS with Exceptional and personalised service.

Our Mission:
To facilitate Best use of Technology for communication, operations, and production from Nigeria to the world & beyond

To be Reliable with our commitment to effectiveness, we are always ready to listen to the current needs and visions that our clients have for the future of their organizations, and map out ways those results can, not only be achieved, but fast tracked, by leveraging the products and services we offer.

How we work

Our relationship with our client is not just ‘another project’ to us but a platform for continuous excellent service delivery. However on individual client projects, we use PRINCE2 as our Project Management Methodology of choice. PRINCE2 is a process-based approach for project management providing an easily tailored and scalable method...

Download Corporate Brochure

Download Corporate Brochure

You can download our corporate brochure with the link below. View our brochure online  or Click here to Download the PDF  Version of our Brochure (5.5 MB) 

The Team

Our team consists of highly skilled individuals in each of our core field of ICT service management. We believe: Nothing is Impossible. This has and still enables us to think out of the box and enables us  come up with amazing solutions to numerous client issues. We believe: “ICT? If...

Works +Clients

Works +Clients

We see what we do in terms of clients and not just projects. Over the years, we have come to the understanding that an ICT project may be done, but the clients’ needs for ICT solutions are not . Some of the reasons for this include new opportunities in the...

corporate philisophy

Corporate Philosophy

Our Culture At Bincom ICT Solutions we are a team of creative, intelligent, and diligent people who strive for consistency and excellence.  We are fun loving, creative people who hold ourselves and each other to account in professionally delivering the high standard of quality our clients expect and deserve. We...