Government or government institutions need technology solutions to improve their means of governance.  Introduction of technology simply makes government systems easier. At Bincom ICT our team of experts have created various solutions for different government and will continue to do so.

Our services include:
Election Tracker: This an Enterprise software designed to monitor end-to-end election processes and real-time collation of result from publicly available data at polling booths . It combines and interprets data accumulated from data sources (i.e. designated agents within the various polling stations) to give a detailed progression of the electoral process and election results as they unfold.
Project Management Service: These service include:

1.Project Scoping
2. Strategic Planning
3. Stake-holder Collaboration
4. Managing Contributors
5. Co-ordinating Logistics
6. Document Management
7. Support Staff Mobilization

Enterprise ICT Trainings include

1.Social media training(Facebook, and Twitter)
2. Joomla Training
3. WordPress Training
4. Drupal Training

Ongoing Website Support and Maintenance
Content Management System
Custom Integration
Are you seeking a solution with all these features? Our team at Bincom ICT will provide you with the best of solutions!

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