Weekly Tech Roundup for 06th March, 2020

You underestimate jotting/writing down your ideas? Think again!

The most technologically efficient machine that man has ever invented is the book. – Northrop Frye

It is evident that the best way to understand something is by taking down notes; if you ever kept a diary or a log book just for the sake of jotting things down, you would discover that reviewing your written down thoughts would either make happy, plan better and gain better  understanding of where you were and where your are headed.

Books may look like nothing more than words on a page, but they are actually an infinitely complex imagino-transference technology that translates odd, inky squiggles into pictures inside your head. – Jasper Fforde

Technology of today, started from an idea that was written down. Here are what we’ve got for you from our daily knowledge development sessions.

Tech Snippets

#100DaysOfCode hashtag on Twitter

If you haven’t heard about the hashtag #100DaysOfCode on Twitter, here you go. It catalogues some people’s journey into coding. Super interesting. You could want to join in too. It looks like fun.

Popular GitHub For Web Developers

GitHub is the one-stop-shop for everything related to (web) development these days. The library is free to use in open source projects. So, once again I’ve decided to bring to you some of the most popular GitHub repositories you should know about, each of them having at least ~30,000 stars.

Twitter Is Finally Doing Stories

Twitter finally releases it’s own version of stories (and I don’t know why everyone sounds so shocked). With the change from Instagram to Facebook to WhatsApp, am pretty sure twitter took it’s time.

Awesome Command-line Tips

Shell command is a powerful tool for improving a developer’s productivity. There are also some really funny command tools that will make you smile after a long day of work. You can play word games in terminals, create a beautiful ASCII picture, and more.

Front-End Dev Tools For increased Productivity

Front end development is one of the coolest profiles for a developer to work on now. So, here’s a list of online tools to help you with various front end development challenges and to increase your productivity.

Differences Between Professionals and Amateurs

The truth is that success in any field is more about commitment to a process than it is about finding one magic trick that will make it all come together.

A possible vision for 6G communications

As the 5G is all set to launch, scientists have already started thinking about what a 6G network could look like. In this article, scientists also highlighted that artificial intelligence (AI) could play a particularly important role in 6G communications.

Big Data Science career mistakes

If you’re looking into being a data scientist, this will interest you a lot. I think it is true that you can’t get passionate about a profession just with logic and highly trained skills, the heart has to be involved too. And in fact, the heart is the first requirement if you want to attain a high amount of skill.

High-End Finance Jobs Will Be Displaced By AI, Too

Artificial intelligence is not just coming for the jobs of barbers and baristas. It is coming for high-paid professions, too. Even financial professionals could see increasing pressure from technology, too (according to a recent Brookings Institution report).

Artificial intelligence yields new antibiotic

Researchers plan to use their model to design new antibiotics and to optimise existing molecules. For example, they could train the model to add features that would make a particular antibiotic target only certain bacteria, and preventing it from killing beneficial bacteria in a patient’s digestive tract.

Knowledge Development Sessions

Few of our team members spoke about some interesting topics this week and it was explicit and educating. Steganography was presented by Mr. Kolapo and Ms. Boluwatife explained the concept of Operation research.

Olivia Wami

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