Weekly Tech Roundup for December 10 2021

Technology is important in many parts of modern society, as well as in our personal lives. Technology plays a part in a variety of ways, from fundamental routine duties to burdensome responsibilities to be performed. As a result, each significant piece of information counts.

We have put together a list of technology trends for your perusal. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.

“Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.” – Joseph Wood Krutch

Tech Snippets

AWS AI & ML Scholarship Program

The Amazon Web Services Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Scholarship program aims to help students underrepresented and underserved in tech to learn foundational machine learning concepts as they prepare for a career in one of today’s hottest and fastest-growing fields. -E.A

Clearview AI

Clearview AI is closer to getting a US patent for its facial recognition technology. -M.A

How to Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

WhatsApp enables users to send and receive messages on their secondary devices even if they are not in the proximity of their phones. The feature also helps you stay connected to WhatsApp if your phone runs out of charge. -L.O

A New Humanoid Robot

Ameca, a humanoid designed by UK based company Engineered Arts, can display a number of human expressions. You should see this if you haven’t. -M.E

Google Chat Update

After making first announcement in September 2021, you can now make One-on-one voice and video calls on Google Chat inside the Gmail app on iOS and Android. -O.O

Amazing One-Page Website Template

The majority of people are forthright when it comes to their desires. Moving components on some websites may turn off a large number of visitors. It takes their attention away from the genuine reason they arrived to that website in the first place. That is why having a one-page website template is so important.

Amazon Web Services Outage

Before resolving Amazon Web Service outage around 6: 30 P.M E.S.T, Hundreds of Delivery Service Operations came to a halt, as U.S east -1 went down. The issues that began around 11:00 A.M E.S.T brought many delivery operations to a stand still around the world. -P.M

Apple AR Headset in 2022

Apple to start Augmented Reality glass production. Though Apple has yet to make an AR announcement, but Apple Insider says the product could come out by the end of next year. If it does, that $19 polishing cloth better work on glasses. -G.O

Britain to phase out 2G and 3G mobile networks

Britain’s network; EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three has agreed to the government’s schedule to phase out its 2G and 3G networks by 2033 to free up radio waves for 5G and eventually 6G services. -O.O

Twitter New Feature

The option to listen to a recording of a Space has been made available to all Twitter users on iOS, Android, and the web. Some hosts will be able to record Spaces on iOS and Android, according to Twitter. -O.W

Twitter Sanitization

How true is it that Twitter is going to include ‘ Individual content warnings to post? Find out more on the link. -O.B

Generate an Array of Pairs From an Array in JavaScript

This articles gives a detailed explanation on how to write Secret Santa code in JavaScript. The author split the code into three different parts. -O.H

Tips For Angular Library Authors

Do you want to author library especially in Angular? Here are few things to consider. -J.I

Rules for UI/UX Design

Some rules in UI/UX to make you look like a pro, these are the little things that distinguish a pro from an amateur. -V.A

Why Design Is Important for Content Marketing

The need for graphics design in your content cannot be over emphasized. It brings to life whatever you content is all about and everyone wants see a face or object in every content. -D.E

Olivia Wami

My name is Olivia Wami. I am a Project Manager and am passionate about solving meaningful problems, pursuing social impact-driven tech initiatives, and designing delightful customer experiences.

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