Weekly Tech Roundup for December 8, 2023

“We figure out what we want to make, then we just bring the technology to the task.” – Steve Jobs

Hello techies,
This week’s tech update is filled with exciting content. Take your best sitting position and enjoy.

Generative AI A Stumbling Block In EU Legislation Talks

European Union Lawmakers are yet to agree on regulating systems like ChatGPT. – James Chukwu

Ultimate Spacing Guide For UI Designers

Establish Elegant Spacing with a 4-point Grid System for Flexible, Organised UI Design. – Akorede Michael Alokan 

Recovering Deleted Files From Your Git Working Tree

If you ever mistakenly delete or somehow lose files in your working tree while working with git or generally (especially files that are not staged or committed). Read this article to help you recover your lost files. – Sanmi

Instagram Threads Search Now Supports ‘All Languages’ In Latest Update

Instagram’s Threads App Expands Search Globally. – Fadele-Oluwafemi Iyanu David

10 Principles Of Good Web Design

As a designer, there are some things to consider when designing a website that will make the design attractive, functional, and visually appealing to the users. In this article, we will understand the principles of good web design. Click the link below. Lawal Sofiyat Olabisi

20 Inspiring UX Quotes You Should Learn as a UX Designer

To every designer in here, this is a list of 20 inspiring and important quotes to know. Ensure to learn by heart and not by head. – Abidemi Hassan

Introducing Gemini: Our Largest And Most Capable AI Model

Meet Google’s Gemini: a native multimodal flagship with GPT-4 level text capabilities and exceptional versatility in handling various data. – Samuel Ekele

UI/UX Design: The Fastest Way To Make Your Designs More Interesting

Learn how to combine old-school techniques with modern tools to create designs that stand out from the crowd. – Ebitanmi Mojeed Adekunle

Apple Shuts Down Beeper Mini, OpenAI Pokes Fun At Grok

Just around a week after Its launch, Beeper Mini, an app that can enable iMessage on Android smartphones has been disabled by Apple. – James Chukwu

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