Weekly Tech Roundup for February 21st, 2020

Technology reminds me so much of anthropology. If you can recall your biological studies, you will remember that you were told that man evolved, right? he’s always striving to be better, right? Well this can also be said about technology. In fact, I dare say Tech is Anthropology. You may wonder why and how, well this is it.

In today’s era, which is well past the bull’s eye of the deployment age of internet and smartphones, all that matters is how people react to technology and what new standards it shapes.  That is why I have chosen to be an eye opener for you.

“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” – Daniel Bell

“Let’s go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.” – Steve Jobs

“The great growling engine of change – technology.” – Alvin Toffler

Though man can be extraordinary, there are so much upgrades in every area of Tech to make life better for Man; this is because we live technology. Here are what we’ve got for you from our daily knowledge development sessions.

Tech Snippets

Startup Secret 

Startups with coupled co-founders at the helm are scoring big funding rounds and exiting companies. The bond of a relationship may be a secret weapon in company building for new-wave tech startups, but that doesn’t come without risks, like co-founder disharmony, equity super-majority and even divorce. – B.B

WOW! Robot Dog, got a Job

Robots are taking over jobs that were usually done by humans. This begs the question, what does the future hold for humans? Also, as we are gradually being replaced by machines, is this progress or a problem? – S.H

Google Cloud has acquired this IT company

Google isn’t ready to slow its pace. It’s expanding and redecorating every aspect of the tech world, and guess what? it just acquired an IT company. “Cornerstone brings a wealth of experience and innovative solutions to our portfolio of products and services that helps customers ………” says The Tech Giant.  – W.O

Twitter bans Deep-fakes 

Seventy percent of users said Twitter “taking no action” on misleading altered content would be unacceptable. Ninety percent of respondents, meanwhile, said placing labels next to manipulated media would be acceptable. – K.A


We tend to confuse what a data scientist and what a data analyst does, hopefully this will straighten out what these concept entails. – B.E

Face Scanning Phone Upgraded

Facial recognition would soon be able to check for live skin, which would make the sensor more accurate and secure. -E.U

Deep Learning

Deep learning is probably one of the hottest tech topics right now. Large corporations and young startups alike are all gold-rushing this fancy field. If you think big data is important, then you should care about deep learning. -I.A

Google Cloud new Launch 

Check out Dialogflow the newly lauched natural language processing (NLP) platform by Google that can be used to build conversational applications and experiences for a company’s customers in various languages and on multiple platforms. -C.U

Best wordpress Plugins

Nowadays, the live chat plugins are considered so important because 67% of the visitors leave the store and website when there is no one on the website to answer their queries and the percentage and quite alarming. Looking for the best live chat plugins for your WordPress blog? In this article, I have rounded up 10 of your best options, including both free and premium live chat solutions. All these plugins offer great features and can be termed as premium as well. -C.J

Improved Developer’s productivity

Shell command is a powerful tool for improving a developer’s productivity. There are also some really funny command tools that will make you smile after a long day of work.
You can play word games in terminals, create a beautiful ASCII picture. -V.S

Knowledge Development Sessions

Few of our team members spoke about some interesting topics this week and it was outstanding and delightful. MR. Daniel discussed the introduction to node.js While Mr. Jotham opened our minds to who and how hackers think, relate and even help the society by sharing this life changing topic “hackers, the internet immune system”.

Olivia Wami

My name is Olivia Wami. I am a Project Manager and am passionate about solving meaningful problems, pursuing social impact-driven tech initiatives, and designing delightful customer experiences.

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