Weekly Tech Roundup for February 24, 2023

“Technology is best when it brings people together.” ― Matt Mullenweg

Hello guys,

We bring you some interesting tech-update that will improve your knowledge of technology. Take a seat and enjoy this week’s tech update.

Tech snippets

Spotify Launches ‘DJ,’ A New Feature Offering Personalized Music With AI-Powered Commentary

The world is revolving and as we’ve recently experienced technology is taking over especially as artificial intelligence is becoming more stable and common. Spotify has decided to join this AI trend by introducing DJ, the new feature that will be added to their application. – Oluwadamilola Akinrinmade

What ChatGPT Can Do For You

Chat GPT has proven to be integral across all lines in the Tech space. – Alhassan Bala

7 (Seven) Topics Every UX Beginner Should Learn

Do you want to transition into UX design? And are you finding it difficult to get the right topic to use? Click on the article, it will explain the topic you need. – Sofiyat O. Lawal

Best Product Design Software You Should Know (2023)

For beginners who are just trying their hands at modeling and product design here are some tools that would make assimilation easier. These software are some of the best used in designing product models. – Fathia Alliu

Key Characteristics Of Good UI Design

Some key characteristics make up a good user interface design. These will guide you through understanding what to do for your design to be perfect. – Josephine Effa

How To Announce Product Updates Successfully

Considering your customer and keeping them while creating your product helps you build a great product. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

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