Weekly Tech Roundup for January 13, 2023

“My deepest thanks go to technology for ending slavery and bringing gender equality, between men and women, within our society.” ― Mwanandeke Kindembo

Hello guys,

It is 2023, a new year that promises to be full of innovations and creativity, and this is the number one platform you can get all the gist. We bring to you the first tech-Update of the year full of insightful news. Grab your drink, tea or coffee, take a seat and enjoy.

Tech snippets

Google Users Not Given Sufficient Choice Over Its Data Processing

The antitrust watchdog in Germany has issued a statement stating their objections over Google’s data processing terms and is planning to require Google to provide users with more choice over what their information is being used for. – Hadizat Abdulhakieem

Apple Takes Aim At Google Maps

Business owners will be able to customize, update and manage their own information for free through Apple map. – Emmanuel J. Uwa

Five (5) Strange New Inventions Arriving In 2023

With technology rapidly transforming the world, it is sure that there will be innovative inventions coming out this year. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

Which Software Is Best For Graphic Designer 

Do you find it difficult to choose the software to use for your design? There is a lot of software you can use, it depends on which aspect of the design you want. We have the online software (free) and the paid one. – Sofiyat O. Lawal

Fundamentals Of Layout In User Interface Design (UI)

The layout of a design is the structure that supports the visual components of an interface. It works by opening the paths where the sight can shift to group, rank, and make sense of the information. – Adekunle M. Ebitanmi

Airbus Is Testing Out Autonomous Flying Technology in Some Of Its Planes

Airbus is testing out new automated technology that has the potential to improve the safety and efficiency of flying. – Blessing Itohan

Nuggets For Good Project Management By Experts

Must-know tools for a project manager, these are soft skills that enhance effectiveness. – Alhassan A. Bala

How to Build a Dropdown Menu with JavaScript

Drop-Down menu features required some logic and attention to detail, it’s a great way to list related options on a single menu link in your project. – Patrick G Awoyemi

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