Weekly Tech Roundup for January 27, 2023

β€œThe advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.” – Bill Gates

Hello guys,

We bring you some interesting tech-update that will improve your knowledge of technology. Take a seat and enjoy this week’s tech update.

Tech snippets

Elon Musk Admits Twitter Has Too Many Ads, Says Fix Is Coming

As part of the ongoing overhaul taking place on Twitter, Elon Musk has announced that the company is working on reducing a large number of ads on the social media platform. – Samuel O. Ajala

Elon Musk’s Starlink To Launch In Kenya By Q2 2023
Starlink CEO Elon Musk has announced the launch of the Internet Service Provider in Kenya. – Ridwan Bello

ChatGPT For Developers

ChatGPT provides developers with a range of features that make it particularly useful for natural language applications. The library offers modern tools to create conversational AI applications, provides deep NLU capabilities that enable easy-to-use applications, and is open source, making it easy to collaborate and share ideas. – Michael Alex

After Inking Its OpenAI Deal, Shutterstock Rolls Out A Generative AI Toolkit To Create Images Based On Text Prompts

Shutterstock has developed strategic partnerships over the past two years with key industry players like OpenAI, Meta, and LG AI Research to fuel their generative AI research efforts, and they are now bringing responsibly produced generative AI capabilities to their customers. This statement was made by Paul Hennessy, Chief Executive Officer at Shutterstock. Shutterstock has great photos that can be gotten for free and now they’re introducing us to the world of AI. – Oluwadamilola Akinrinmade

Best Chromebook For 2023

Chromebook quality has increased due to additional functionalities added to the laptop. –Β Olaoluwa Ogunleye

The New Reality Of Fashion Is Digital

Dress yourself up like you are wearing clothes for your avatar or for your video game character. Fashion can be digital too – Samuel Soaga

This Startup Hopes To Take On Canva, Raising An $11.6M Series A For Its Design Platform

Kitti, a design web application raises funds to compete with Design giant, Canva. Kitti uses AI to create designs. – Fathia Alliu

Everything Developers Need To Know About Figma

Figma is a browser-based used to design. It has a free license to use. Because it is new some developers did not know how to play around with the tools. In this article, we will discuss the basics and how to navigate around Figma. – Sofiyat O. Lawal

How To Delete A Page In Word

Microsoft Word is known to create blank pages in a document, and this makes an unprofessional impression on editors and potential employers. Click on the link below to learn how to delete these pages. – Ibe Sarah

Proximity Principle In Visual Design

It states that items close together are likely to be described as part of the same group sharing similar attributes or traits. – Mojeed A. Ebitanmi

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