Weekly Tech Roundup for March 4 2022

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do. It lets people be creative. It lets people be productive. It lets people learn things they didn’t think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential. – Steve Ballmer

Welcome back to our weekly Tech Roundup😀. We hope we provide you with enough information to help you develop yourself, career and business.

Many aspects of modern society, as well as our personal life, rely on technology. Technology is used in a number of ways, ranging from basic routine tasks to time-consuming obligations. As a result, every important piece of information is valued.

We have put together a list of technology trends for your perusal. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.

Tech Snippets

What is Graphic Design?

I see people battle with what Graphics Design actually entails, so even think Graphics Design id all about the people in a shop where you go to for typing, photocopy and all. This article breaks it down for everyone to grasp the true meaning and what’s behind Graphics Design as a whole. – Ajibodu Victor

How To Set Background And Simple Image In Angular

Do you know that images has voice. They speak louder in applications. You can use it to change the face of your application. – Jacob Ijomah

Twitter To Comply With EU Sanctions

Twitter, Facebook owner Meta, Alphabet Inc’s Google, YouTube and TikTok to all block access to RT and Sputnik in the EU in a bid to comply with the sanction on Russia. – Peters Monday

Google Acknowledges Wi-Fi Issues

For some reason, Google’s updates just haven’t been playing all that nicely with its flagship Pixel 6 and 6 Pro devices, which has been causing some devices to randomly toggle off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. – Opeyemi Orebiyi

Facebook Is Shutting Down Campus

With the fall 2020 introduction of Campus, a secret part within Facebook that was only visible to people with a @.edu email address, Facebook attempted to return to its beginnings as a college-focused social network. The endeavor, however, failed, and Facebook is now informing users that Campus will be completely shut down on March 10. – Olivia Wami

Introducing Bubble, A No-code Tool for Building Serious Apps

Get Started with Bubble, a No-code Tool for Building Serious Apps. An indepth way of building apps without writing a single line of code. – Ismaila Azeez Oluwatobi

Difference Between a Pentium and a Celeron Processor

Pentium and Celeron seem to have several similarities yet their differences abound. Learn about these intel microprocessors in this article. – Asuabiat Robert

Data-Stealing App Found In Google Play

A notorious Android banking trojan designed to steal user data, like passwords and text messages, has been discovered in Google Play and downloaded thousands of times. – Ebunoluwa Suberu

Olivia Wami

My name is Olivia Wami. I am a Project Manager and am passionate about solving meaningful problems, pursuing social impact-driven tech initiatives, and designing delightful customer experiences.

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