Weekly Tech Roundup for September 23, 2022

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.” – Godfrey Reggio

Hello guys,

We bring you some interesting tech-update that will improve your knowledge of technology. Take a seat and enjoy this week’s tech update.

Tech snippets

A Chicago City Sensor Project Goes Global

The Array of Things (AoT) is a modular, open-source, network of interactive sensor boxes (nodes), collecting and returning urban data in real-time to citizens, scientists, and policymakers. – Samuel O. Soaga

African Payments Startups’ New Competition Is Brazilian Unicorn EBANX

Brazil’s E-BANK that enters the African Fintech space. – Emmanuel John

Apple Responds To Troubling iPhone 14 Pro Camera Issue

It is not news that apple’s latest iPhone version has been released but then there seems to be a problem with the device’s camera as reported by its users. – Sarah Ibe

How To Create AI Software?

AI software is artificial intelligence software and Creating AI software is all about using the right data to train your AI algorithm to make smart decisions. – Favour Peculiar

Amazon S3 vs RDS: 5 Critical Differences

AWS Database is a relational database service e.g AWS RDS while AWS Storage is an object storage service. – Michael Alex

Google Turns Logo Black To Mark Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Internet users in the UK woke up to an all-black version of the Google logo to mark the Queen’s funeral on 19 September 2022 which was attended by dignitaries from around the world. – Amen Aimiuwu

Reason You Should Not Update Your iPhone To iOS 16 yet

Vital information you need to know about the latest iOS update (16) before updating your iOS device. – Michael Ayangbade

Becoming A Designer Is A Long But Exciting Journey.

There are various steps to take as a designer to learn more, you must maintain a curious mind and continue to absorb knowledge from the people around you. – Sofiyat O. Lawal

Replacing Google With TikTok Worked Better Than You Think

Tiktok is getting famous. The number of young people using it is raising due to additional features. Some even prefer it to Google. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

Google’s New Chromecast Has A Remote

Recently, Google unveiled a new $30 Chromecast that supports HD broadcasting and comes with remote control. – Elijah Moses

When Your Manager Isn’t Your Best Guide

It can be rough when your manager is not the best person to guide your ideas and feedback. Writing professionally can be a great escape for a lot of people because let’s face it. – Sunday A. Oluyele

Apple Fixes Camera Shaking Issues And Paste Permissions Bug In iOS 16 Update

A new IOS 16 update has solved the issues of paste permission bugs and camera shaking issues for IOS users. – Nurudeen Ajani

Facebook users sue and accuse Meta of tracking on iOS through a loophole

Some Facebook users in California USA entered a legal battle against Meta for alleged breach of privacy. – Samuel O. Ajala

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