Author: Oluwaseun

Bincom Dev Center WordPress Meet Up

Bincom Dev Center WordPress Meet Up

The program will be a chance for interaction between WordPress enthusiasts and developers alike. Talks will range from beginner level: how to use WordPress, to expert level: building theme and plugins, including optimization, security, etc.   Kindly Click Here to Continue

Election Monitoring Solution

  The Electoral Systems in some parts of the world are not yet perfect. Past corruption and several laxities of the electoral commission has caused opportunities for electoral fraud or at least the  suspicion of  Electoral Fraud. Nowadays, being the candidate with the people’s mandate may not be enough to...

ICT Career Talk

Bincom ICT Solution is an Information Technology Company with an experienced team of experts in various IT fields. The ICT career talk was implemented by Bincom ICT Solution as a way of inspiring young minds on how ICT can boost their career. The Bincom ICT Career Talk is a community development initiative that...