ICT Career Talk

Bincom ICT Solution is an Information Technology Company with an experienced team of experts in various IT fields. The ICT career talk was implemented by Bincom ICT Solution as a way of inspiring young minds on how ICT can boost their career. The Bincom ICT Career Talk is a community development initiative that seeks to inform the young (and young at heart) of the various opportunities that abound in the world of ICT especially in the Nigerian environment. This career initiative will help the respective participants  understand their core niche in the ever growing world of ICT.

Benefit of ICT Career Talk

Participants are provided with a mentorship platform and an opportunity to ask the panel of experts (facilitators who are experienced IT professionals) specific questions.

Learn about various opportunities, possibilities & future prospects in the world of ICT especially in Nigeria.
Get the guidance needed to set your ICT career on the right track.
Meet and Interact with leading ICT industry practitioners.

Target Audience:
Anyone considering a career in ICT

Who are the Facilitators? 
Aside from Bincom’s In-house ICT experts,  we also invite our friends and mentors in the technology space to give back. The event offers the facilitators a platform to share ideas from the wealth of their knowledge and experience.

How does it work? 

Each facilitator is scheduled to speak for about 15 minutes each on varying topics from how they got into the industry, to the challenges they have experienced, to their success stories, the future they anticipate in ICT and much more.

After this, the facilitators present (usually 3) will form a panel of experts. Participants would then be able to ask other specific questions.

How often does Bincom ICT Career Talk Occur?
This talk is scheduled to hold Bi-Monthly.

What is the cost?
Absolutely Free (This is one of Bincom’s way of giving back to the community – a Bincom Corporate Social Responsibility)

When is the next one? 
Bincom ICT Career Talk Registration

Where does it hold? 
Currently, Bincom ICT Career Talk holds in Lagos, Nigeria. The venue is only shared with registered and confirmed participants.

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