Election Monitoring Solution


The Electoral Systems in some parts of the world are not yet perfect. Past corruption and several laxities of the electoral commission has caused opportunities for electoral fraud or at least the  suspicion of  Electoral Fraud. Nowadays, being the candidate with the people’s mandate may not be enough to guarantee success at the polls. The information lapses which occur between the time voting results are  displayed at each polling station and when they are collated at sectorial nodes  is usually the window for perpetuating electoral fraud. Even in the cases where no Electoral Fraud is committed, the ability to prove actual victory by candidates in a valid court of law has also now become a norm in the Nigerian Environment . We have built an Enterprise grade and robust Election  monitoring and real-time result analysis  tool to help deal with these scenarios.


Our Election Monitoring Service consist of the following activities:

  • Scoping & Strategic Planning
  • Co-ordinating Logistics
  • Manpower Mobilization and Training
  • Software Deployment and Control
  • Data Management
  • Stake-holder Collaboration
  • Managing Contributors

ElectionTracker is an Enterprise software  designed to  monitor end-to-end election process and real-time collation of result from publicly available data from polling booths. We have bundled it with a support and management service that would ensure it will deliver on being accurate information source  pre-election , real-time source during  the election and accurate data bank  post – election.


ElectionTracker was deployed in the Delta State 2011 elections and it can be termed as huge success. The following pictures tell the story from conception to delivery of a successful monitoring team using technology as a bedrock for decision making. This was first of its kind in Nigeria


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