Careers Center

Bincom is a fast growing organization . Inherently youthful  by Nature , we are only able to work with

Forward thinking individuals  with a passion for learning outside the box, picking up new knowledge every day.
Individuals with a strong spirit of Excellence, innovation and entrepreneurship.
Individuals with  Integrity  & a strength of character.
smart, ambitious people who are looking for a place to grow their careers.
hardworking and industrious individual with a practical vision of success.

Experienced Hire
Our core field is in the area of ICT . We are always recruiting from time to time experienced individuals in our core service areas.  ICT is an area that is ever changing, for us to be able to maintain one of our core values of  providing best use of  technology to our growing clients, we have a “learn or leave” policy .  If you are joining us @ Bincom, you are ” sentenced ” to reading / learning for the rest of your career.

Bincom runs a partnership structure.

Graduate Recruitment
We are creating a graduate recruitment and development programme for fresh graduates of  “Computo-centric” ( Engineering, Science, Technical e.t.c ) disciplines. We aim at at attracting the brightest and the best individuals to join us in growing the organization . We look forward to our graduate recruits growing through the rank and becoming senior partners or even the managing partner.

We also have opportunities for Internship positions.  Our Internship positions are structured such that the participant can learn from partners and take their knowledge to the next level . We only hire interns who want to learn more. Translation ? 1. You must know a bit of stuff  . 2. You must have a thirst for learning.

Our Recruitment Process
Periodically, when vacancies exist, advertisement are placed for potential candidates. You can also check here for currently available vacancies.

Our process starts with the shortlisting of candidates for the available position by reviewing submitted applications.
Successfully shortlisted candidates are then invited for a first Interview / Chat with the key members of the team they are intending to  join .
If successful, a short practical project will be given to test the applicants key abilities for the position available. Some of the key values we are looking out for apart from competence (or ability to function within the shortest possible time ) in the available role include:

A Passion for ICT or key role
Ability to learn new things.
Depth of research , intuitiveness, perception,
Overall packaging & presentation skills
Character, Comportment
Ability to work in a team.
Presentations are usually done during a second interview which is with a wider variety of Bincom Team members (usually from various department)
The third stage is the candidate’s meeting with the Management (Senior Partners).

We wish you good luck in  your quest.

Equal Opportunity Statement
We are an equal opportunities employer and are totally opposed to discrimination in any form. It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunities for all employees regardless of race, sex, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, marital status, religion, age or disability as long as none of these will affect the key functionality of the specific role. It is however worth noting that we are founded on Christian based principles and values.
We hope we’ve been able to scare some people away,  Are you still interested ? Then may be we are looking for you.

See currently available opportunities here.