Open Source

Open source is essentially a cousin of the Free Software Movement, created to promote the free distribution of software unfettered by standard proprietary code restrictions. Open source, once you strip out all the emotion, is simply a way to develop software. At its simplest level, this saves programmers from having to constantly write code that ‘reinvents the wheel.’ Its virtues are far more than that though. By the late 1990s, many corporations began switching to open-source software for their Internet needs. These facilitated the need to continuously buy new license, which made it ideal for the Internet.


Easy to Customize

At Bincom ICT Solutions our team of expert can take a piece of open source software and tweak it to suit the needs of our client. Since the code is open, it’s simply a matter of modifying it to add the functionality of what the client wants.


With use of open source software for developing web applications and website there is typically much less resource-intensive, meaning that you can run your web application, website on an older version or newest version, it is really based on what suits your needs, not what suits the needs of the software you are using.

 Cost Effective

Open source software is cost effective, it simply requires less resources to get it started. Business owners are opened to the choice of upgrading the software. Most times upgrading an open source software requires no cost since the software have been purchased right from the scratch. Bincom ICT Solution is here to provide you with any of the open source software solution you require.

Our Open Source Service Include:

Open Bravo

 Are you intrigued by the Benefit of using Open Source Software for the development of your website or web application? Then Bincom ICT Solution is here to provide you with the best solution that will satisfy your needs.

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