Reducing Project Implementation Cost with the use of FreeLancer

The Executive Summary:

A freelancer is an individual who offers services for a fee, engaging in freelancing, which involves working from home and maintaining independence without the need to establish a formal business. FreeLancer, a product of Bincom ICT Solutions, serves as a platform where professionals, including those specializing, can create profiles and regularly update their portfolios within the community.

This diverse community consists of individuals with exceptional IT skills and proven competency, having successfully executed various IT projects. In today’s fast-paced environment, characterized by the significance of online deals and their alluring these skilled freelancers are available for short-term hire.

They provide their expertise to a range of employers within the expanding gaming industry, offering valuable insights without the long-term commitment to any single project. Stay ahead in the competitive casino market by capitalizing on the expertise of freelancers who comprehend the intricacies of online casino deals, bonuses, promotions, and other essential elements that drive success in this dynamic sector.

How it works:

FreeLancer serves as a repository (skill bank) for IT skills which means, if you need a job done and you don’t know where to get a good hand, FreeLancer is the place to turn. Interested IT professionals join only through a referral from a client whom he/she has worked with. IT professionals log into the community where they update their resumes and profiles. These resumes are displayed in a section of the page where organizations who do not want to engage the service of a full staff can contact them. Benefit: In this platform, the professionalism of members of the community is unquestionable as their existence in the community is a result of a client’s referral and satisfactory execution of a project.

Also, prospective organizations in need of the services of Freelancer can sort by the area of specialty. For more information on the application, feel free to call Ann on 07011954852 or contact us via email at

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