Trainee Mobile App Developer

This is a short term internship ( 6 months – 1 year contract) position. Suitable for industrial attachment (minimum 6 months), NYSC and Fresh Graduates

Job Description –

To assist the team in the design, development, programming, deployment, project documentations, and other tasks during various client projects.

Requirement –

A passion for IT
Computer-related course of study is an advantage.
Previous Web Experience is required. (HTML, CSS, possibly Javascript, etc)

Basic knowledge of Cordova, Ionic, AngularJS, App.js and so on is an advantage (not required)

Basic knowledge of PHP & MySQL is an advantage


Accepted persons will be given an automatic FULL scholarship to Bincom Academy: Mobile App Development Class : (see:


Pre-Interview Instruction

Please read and understand the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript before you attempt to apply. (Use “W3schools” as your starting point:

Apply here:

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