Trainee Graphics Designer

This is a short term internship ( 6 months โ€“ 1 year contract) position.ย Suitable for industrial attachment (minimum 6 months), NYSC and Fresh Graduates

Job Description –

To assist the creative design team in graphics design and related web & printing briefs, project documentations, administrative tasks and so on.

Requirement –

A passion for Graphics related tasks and an eye for detail
Must have basic knowledge of any of Corel Draw Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Illustrator
Previous Design + Graphics Web Experience is a big advantage.
Most have some previous “amateur” design work to show at the interview.


Accepted persons will be given an automatic FULL scholarship to Bincom Academy: Graphics Design Class

Pre-Interview Instruction

Please read and understand the basics of Graphics design before you attempt to apply. (Use “Gcflearnfree” as your starting point:

Apply here:

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