Weekly Tech Roundup for August 28th 2020

First we thought the PC was a calculator. Then we revealed the way to turn numbers into letters with ASCII – and that we thought it absolutely was a typewriter. Then we discovered graphics, and that we thought it had been a television. With the globe Wide Web, we’ve realised it’s a brochure. – Douglas Adams

Technology is dominated by two forms of people: people who understand what they are doing not manage and people who manage what they are doing not understand. – Archibald Putt

The whole idea is not about the choice between using or not using technology. The challenge is to use it right.

Tech Snippets

Growth of African American studies

Google Search Trends Show Growth for African-American Studies, Historically Black Universities. Google said that searches for “historically black colleges and universities” reached an all-time this summer in the US.

Jetson laser

The US military has invented a machine that can identify the unique rhythm of your heartbeat up to 200 meters away, even through clothing. It can identify individuals with 95% accuracy.

EA Play, in August 2020

After a delay, EA Play, the subscription service formerly known as EA Access, will be available on Steam starting August 31st. The platform allows you to play Electronic Arts’ back catalogue of titles as much as you want and check out its newest games before buying them.

Smart Toothbrush

The first smart toothbrushes hit the market seven or eight years ago, and now all the major players in the oral health world have joined the fray. The new iO Series 8 Oral-B’s most effective smart toothbrush yet.

Fighting Covid-19

How Machine Learning and other computer science technologies are currently being developed and deployed worldwide to trace, diagnose, and treat individuals with COVID-19.

Tipped market value

Apple reached the two trillion dollar mark just over two years after passing the one trillion dollar level. It took just five months for the stock to more than double after sinking in March.

Slack Upgrade

By building deeper integrations across our platforms and providing seamless access to the Atlassian product suite from Slack, we’re making it even easier for teams to use our tools together and work faster, no matter where they’re located. Also, Slack recently unveiled a closer partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its video and call infrastructure.

Enhanced Face mask

Ever heard of the Donut Robotics C-FACE smart mask that transcribes speech to text? Didn’t think so. Well, here you go.

Adobe failed upgrade

A Reddit user lost over two years’ worth of photos edits and many more lost their files due to adobe accidentally deleting people’s photos in the latest lightroom update. This however buttresses the need for backup policies imbibed especially in businesses. Simply engaging cloud storage would suffice.

Olivia Wami

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