Weekly Tech Roundup for June 02, 2023

“The Web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.” – Tim Berners-Lee

Hello guys,

We bring you some interesting tech-update that will improve your knowledge of technology. Take a seat and enjoy this week’s tech update.

Tech snippets

How Elon Musk’s Neuralink hopes To Make Human Brain Talk With Computers

Neuralink is Elon Musk’s brian-implant company. They have won US approval to test on humans. – Emmanuel J. Uwa

Machine Learning In Flutter Using TensorFlow

For accessing the TensorFlow Lite interpreter and carrying out inference, the TensorFlow Lite Flutter plugin offers a flexible and quick solution. The TFLite Java and Swift APIs and this API are comparable. Because it directly attaches to the TFLite C API, it is effective (low latency). – Muhammad Yekini

How To Easily Scrape Multiple Pages Of A Website Using Python

One major project in Python is Web scraping & here is a simple way to do that with BeautifulSoup. – Peter Claver

A popular Android App Began Secretly Spying On Its Users Months After It Was Listed On Google Play

A screen recording app on Google Play spies on its users and violate privacy policies. – Oluwadamilola Akinrinmade

Flutterwave CEO bags Wall Street Journal Council membership

Africa’s leading payments company chief, Olugbenga Agboola, joins a long list of CEOs globally who are shaking the finance world across different verticals. – Joy Nkanu

Top Trends In Agile You Can Not Miss In 2023

Agile methodology is constantly evolving, and there are several noteworthy trends shaping its current landscape. –  Monijesu Aboyeji.

Mysticism In Design

Mysticism in Design. (Discussion with Oksai)The work of Oksal is defined by the appreciation for what came between. He puts his mark on many stages, from board games and card decks to posters and publications, with multiple awards to his name.. – Mojeed A. Ebitanmi

RESTful API Design

Take your Rest API design to the next level with these useful tips. – Idris Wisdom

How AI Is Evolvong

AI has been useful over the years. AI will continue to expand and gain momentum but there’s a possibility that the AI voice could get drowned. – Gifty Aiyegbeni

How To Stay Up To Date With The Latest AI Trends

As a full-time data scientist, staying up-to-date with the latest AI trends is crucial to remain competitive in the field. One of the most effective ways to do this is by attending conferences, workshops, and meetups that focus on AI and data science. – Yemisi Akinfesola

How To Create Your First UI Design App

Figma was one of the very first apps that started learning how to design and it’s one of the easiest apps for first-time learners. Doing your wireframes and mockups is made easy by Figma, here are tips on how to make perfect wireframes. – Josephine Effa

The UX Design Process: The Ultimate And Step Guide

In UX design we have different design processes that give the product a visual appeal and are user-friendly to users. The steps of the design process will be discussed in detail. Click on the link for more information. – Sofiyat O. Lawal

Ubuntu Knocks On Docker In Latest Snaps Promotion

Docker and Snapcraft are two distinct technologies used in the software development and deployment processes. – Chinonso Aneke

Top Product Management Tools

How to choose the right Product Management tools for your product. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

Aadhaar: AePS Users In A Fix As Banks Set Up Guardrails To Reduce Fraud

Indian largest bank introduce! App for bank users to eradicate frauds issues called AepS. – Taiwo A. Gabriel

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