Weekly Tech Roundup for May 26, 2023

β€œThe art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” – John Lasseter

Hello guys,

We bring you some interesting tech-update that will improve your knowledge of technology. Take a seat and enjoy this week’s tech update.

Tech snippets

Mobile Network Operators In Nigeria Adopt NCC’s New Unified USSD Codes

There are unified USSD codes for all Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria. This is unlike before when each Mobile Network had its own codes. – Emmanuel J. Uwa

Best Tools For Python Developers In 2023

Surely some of the best tools that every Python programmer out there should be aware of and makes use of as well. – Collins Emmanuel

WhatsApp To Allow Users To Edit Messages Within Fifteen (15) Minutes

Now, you don’t have to look stupid for that typo, WhatsApp recently announced that there will be an update where users can edit messages just like we can on Telegram, Discord, etc. – Prince Ogabi (PO)

Netflix Begins Its Password Sharing Crackdown In The US And Global Markets

Netflix reintroduces password sharing with new features where people borrowing Netflix accounts would have to create their own accounts. – Oluwadamilola Akinrinmade

China Was Reducing Micron Chip Purchases Years Before Ban

Confusion in U.S. firm Products as China is reducing factory chip logos in all items they produce. – Taiwo A. Gabriel

Six (6) Of The Best UX Portfolio Website Builders

By combining Agile and DevOps, organizations can achieve a more holistic and efficient approach to software development and delivery. They can foster collaboration, shorten feedback cycles, increase release frequency, and improve the overall quality and reliability of software systems. –Β  Monijesu Aboyeji

Being A Business Analyst Can Be Tough

Being a business analyst can be tough and this is because, at one point in the career, it is required to deliver input or output for a project despite encountering many problems and roadblocks that make being a business analyst a tough job. – Bukola Oyebanji

What is Graphic Design

There is an art to everything especially when it comes to Graphic Design. It is not just putting together shapes and colors together, it is a form of art. – Josephine Effa

It Is Time to Say Goodbye To pd.read_csv() and pd.to_csv()

Using the DataTable package module saves lots of time reading and saving CSV files. – Peter Claver

How AI Will Transform Project Management

AI has been a great transforming technology tool, and it will be in years to come. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

Announcing AWS AppSync Merged APIs For GraphQL Federation

Developers can easily build scalable and decoupled systems that take advantage of existing services with the help of GraphQL federation. – Chinonso Aneke

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