Weekly Tech Roundup for June 24, 2022

“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” – Clive James

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The world around us is transforming with new tech creativity and innovation springing up every day. We at Bincom have perused the internet to bring you an update that would enlighten you today.

We hope we have provided you with sufficient knowledge to help you in developing yourself, your career, and your business.

Tech snippets

WhatsApp now lets you, mute individual users, during group calls

WhatsApp has been busy bringing a new updates to make the app even easier to use. This feature of being able to mute a particular individual will be even more useful when you have to use the WhatsApp call for a group conversation or meeting. What an excellent approach. – Peculiar Favour

Qualitative vs. Quantitative research

There are two major types of Research, Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research. – Victor Ajibodu

Meta is launching an avatar store, and designer clothes are the first products

Luxury fashion design outfits; Balenciaga, Gucci, Prada, and Thom Browne listed as Meta plan to launch an avatar store. Imagine that you’ve not been able to afford these designers in real life, oh well, your Avatar in the meta space might be joining the BIG BOYS league as there are top designer brands you can shop on to kit up your avatar. – Joseph Oyebola

One way to work with money in PHP/Laravel

Working with money in a real-life scenario and projects can somethings be difficult. Because every figure and value counts. Just using data types like integer or float might not be a better choice and could put you in trouble. – Udoh Patrick

All you need to know about OEM And ODM Development

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer.
In the ODM model, the production company fully designs and builds the product and is then marketed by third parties. In the OEM model, the client company projects the kiosk and the production company materializes it. – Obilor Faith

How to write HTML Right.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is extensively used for developing web pages. The following article gives easy tricks and ways to write HTML. – Tanaya Mukati

Twitter partners with Shopify to bring merchants’ products to Twitter Shopping 

Twitter has partnered with Shopify and will be launching a sales channel app that would be available to all Merchants. Merchants will be able to connect their Twitter account to their Shopify admin and then get set up with Twitter’s Shopping Manager and other free tools Twitter built for Professionals. – Hadizat Abdulhakieem

WhatsApp rival Telegram goes ‘premium’

WhatsApp and telegram are undoubtedly top rivals when it comes to e-messaging, at the moment telegram seem to be in the lead with the premium features that have been infused in it recently, telegram users have the leisure of maximum utility to send files that are within the space of 2-4GB, this is very impressive. -Elias peter

Amazon’s fully autonomous Proteus robot is ready to move your Prime Day purchases

All you need to know about Amazon’s new warehouse Robot (Proteus). – Ayangbade Michael

The Ghost of Internet Explorer Will Haunt the Web for Years

Security analysts emphasize that IE and its numerous security flaws are far from being eliminated, even though last week’s milestone will drive even more users away from the venerable browser. – Elijah Moses

Windows 11’s Phone Link and Media Player apps are getting new features

Your Phone is getting a new search bar for the messages tab, while Windows Media Player has been updated for everyone with better performance for devices that have large media collections on the new Microsoft update. So everyone hears up for a seamless easy life. – Tolu Bamisile

Amazon is working on giving Alexa the ability to mimic anyone’s voice, dead or alive, from just one minute of audio

Amazon is giving Alexa the ability to mimic anybody’s voice, dead or alive, from just a minute of audio voice-conversion task instead speech generation path. They did this by framing the problem as a voice-conversion task and not a speech generation path, while some people considered this a good thing so that lost relatives are forever remembered, others on Twitter are worried about criminals taking advantage of the technology. – Aburime Blessing Itohan

This YouTube Apple Watch app is real and ridiculous

With WatchTube, you can watch your favorite YouTube videos on your wrist- (Apple Watch). – Ibe Sarah.

Instagram tests a new feature to quickly share notes with friends 

Just like Whatsapp, Instagram is also trying to implement the disappearing message feature called Notes. This feature is in the trial stage as it is not yet full-blown. –  Samuel Oluwatosin A.

Java vs JavaScript: Key Difference Between Java and JavaScript

If you are new to the world of programming and you heard the word Java and Javascript, you might think they must have things in common or maybe one is the extension of the other, which is utterly wrong. Find out the key differences between Java and Javascript. – Oluyele Sunday A.

What is design? Definitions of design | Why is it important?

Design is everywhere around us. Design is the creativity, knowledge, and skills that a designer used to communicate and solve problems for the user. This article also talks about design thinking and the design process. Read this article for more understanding. – Lawal Sofiyat Olabisi

Twitter’s closed caption toggle is now available on iOS and Android
Twitter is making captions available now in their video options. – Adesola Ibukun

Angular 14 arrives with typed forms, standalone components

By eliminating the need for modules, standalone components streamline the creation of Angular apps. Using independent components – Awoyemi Patrick Gbenga.

Instagram tests a new feature to quickly share notes with friends

Just like Whatsapp, Instagram is also trying to implement the disappearing message feature called Notes. This feature is in the trial stage as it is not yet full-blown. – Ajala Samuel O.

Solana is making a crypto phone with help from former Essential engineers

Solana a high-performance blockchain supporting builders around the world creating crypto apps that scale today teamed up with OSOM a company that specializes in a new generation of hardware and software with increased privacy of the user to create a crypto phone called ‘The Saga’. – Adeyemi Michael (A.M)

Ten years ago this was science fiction: the rise of weedkilling robots

This is quite intriguing. See this weed killer with AI. Food Sustainability is not fiction. If we work hard and think smart, then technology has a lot to offer. – Jacob Ijeoma

Proximity as a Principle of Design – Video & Lesson Transcript | Study.com

Do you know with the link below you can learn and get closer to knowing more about Graphic Design than ever? – Victor Ajibodu

U.S. tech industry frets about handing data to states prosecuting abortion

US Tech companies worry about their position in handing over data to states prosecuting abortion cases due to a recent decision by the United State Supreme Court. Balogun Semeton

Formerly rich NFT buyers party through the pain 

Well, as it appears that the crypto market is struggling through survival mode in this period, it is surprising that some sets of NFT buyers found a good way to adapt to the current trend by partying and boozing.NFT market is struggling so well and we can say the market is now in survival mode. – Nurudeen Ajani

Russia Launches Its Own “Play Market” Called RuStore

Russia’s social media VK announces her play market in response to Google and myriad leaving Russia. – Ogunleye Olaoluwa

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