Weekly Tech Roundup for June 17, 2022

“I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”  – Thomas Edison

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The world around us is transforming with new tech creativity and innovation springing up every day. We at Bincom have perused the internet to bring you an update that would enlighten you today.

We hope we have provided you with sufficient knowledge to help you in developing yourself, your career, and your business.

Tech snippets

Angular Architecture Design

Angular Software Architecture Design you should adapt in your next project. – Udoh Patrick

Apple Wants to End Passwords for Everything

Passwords to go into extinction on iPhones as Apple plans to introduce password-less logins in iOS 16. The tech giant announced that its products will adopt “passkeys” like facial recognition and fingerprints for its mobile gadgets. – Joseph Oyebola

What is Azure Machine Learning?

With the evolution of Machine learning capabilities. Experts in the industry have devised techniques to better accelerate, create and manage machine learning solutions/projects through cloud-based services like Microsoft AZURE – Muhammad Yekini

Microsoft is bringing Xbox Game Pass cloud streaming to smart TVs, so users don’t need a console

Microsoft is releasing an Xbox app for smart TVs, enabling consumers to stream Xbox video games even if they don’t own consoles. – Amen Aimiuwu

What are Electronic Pills and their Applications?

A microelectronic pill  is used for the real-time measurement parameters such as temperature, pH, conductivity and. dissolved oxygen. Yes, pills are aka (also known as ) medicines. Using a nano-tech baby again to make a pill that is ultra-small and covered with resistant polyether. It has a circuit design, battery, and much more. It is difficult to design and not reusable but has some fair advantages too like determining the pH value of blood. – Obilor Faith

YouTube’s new corrections feature lets creators fix the record more easily

Mistakes are inevitable, and sometimes it gets so frustrating after putting a lot of energy into creating a video project and then you realize there is just one minor mistake that could integrate into a major, technology is all about making life easy and that is what we can say about this new YouTube video feature named “corrections” that lets creators easily add more obvious corrections. – Elias Peter

TLDV wants to help teams get more out of virtual meetings

A Startup in Germany claims to help teams get the most out of virtual meetings. While other platforms have things like recording and whatnot, they claim to help users easily trigger timestamps and add keynotes manually (this is claimed to be more effective than allowing AI to do it automatically) and a host of other functionality, including but not limited to integration with other productivity tools like Google docs and notion. – Blessing Itohan

The Grid System: Building a Solid Design Layout

Are you trying to design a layout, we have the grid System. It shows how to position a design. This article will discuss more on building a solid layout. –  Lawal Sofiyat

‘End of an era’: Microsoft retires OG Internet Explorer after nearly three decades

Microsoft has retired Internet Explorer, and former users will be redirected to Microsoft. – Samuel Aleonomoh

Microsoft Defender for individuals launches for all platforms

Microsoft anti-virus software for all devices – Microsoft Defender, has been announced. – Ibe Sarah

Microsoft Targets Salesforce Clients With New Tools to Aid Sales Reps

Salesforce which is a software that provides customer relationship management software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development is set to add a new cool feature in collaboration with Microsoft known as Viva Sales to help its users to synchronize information between the product and Microsoft’s Outlook address books and calendars or Teams conferencing and chat. – Oluleye Sunday Anthony

In all-hands Twitter call, Musk talks free speech and bots

In a Q&A session with Twitter employees, Elon Musk was able to answer some questions as regards his plan for Twitter. Musk said he wants Twitter to have over a billion users, this will support the other ideas Musk has for Twitter. – Hadizat Abdulhakieem

Alibaba extends logistics arm to Pakistan for e-commerce unit Daraz

In the recent announcement made by Alibaba, it was disclosed that his sister company Cainiao will extend its operation to Pakistan. Cainiao, a smart distribution logistics company that has already expanded to several countries plans to expand across Pakistan through a local logistics company Daraz. It is no doubt that Alibaba has done so well in integrating smart logistics capability into their company. – Nurudeen Ajani

Tesla layoffs reportedly affect hourly workers

Elon Musk who is the CEO of Tesla sent a mail on June 3rd to all its staff that there will be a reduction in salary headcount by 10% due to its overstaffed. – Adeyemi Michael

UX Design vs. Product Design: What’s the Difference?

Product Designer Vs UI/UX Designer, are 3 terms used interchangeably but are totally different in function/roles. The Product Designer role is vaster than UI/UX Role because they are in charge of the from the Research to the product getting into the market to finding other ways to improve it. – Victor Ajibodu

5 Things You Didn’t Know About YouTube

You can do great stuff on the YouTube but that depends on how much you know about YouTube – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

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