Weekly Tech Roundup for March 8 2019

“We need to understand that if we all work on inclusion together, it’s going to be faster, broader, better, and more thorough than anything we can do on our own.”  -Ellen Pao
Benjamin Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” The whole idea is not about the choice between using or not using technology but using it right. Check out these inspiring technology trends that might just inspire an increase in your love for technology.

We also included some snippets from our daily knowledge development sessions, just to give you a little extra knowledge. After all, knowledge is never enough. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.


Tech Snippets

Machine Learning with No Codes

How about Machine Learning without any programming knowledge or any advanced maths knowledge ? Siraj in this video, catalogues some of the solutions that are solving this problem. Ludwig from Uber , Datarobot.com and deepcognition.ai are some of them.

Free Online Programming Courses

Here are over 640 free Online Programming Courses that you can start right now. Take a look at the list and decide what you want to learn.

Security for Everyone

Everybody should care about Security. Hacksplaining is an interactive training that helps anyone in the organisation (really techy people) understand the various security vulnerabilities including the OWASP top 10.

Lifelong Learners

By choosing to be a developer, you are choosing to learn. This is amazing. Our field not only values our knowledge, but we can stave off boredom because it doesn’t stagnate. My suggestion is to consider these tips a buffet table. There’s so much you can do, so many tools you can use. You don’t need to learn everything and no one knows absolutely everything. It can feel overwhelming, but try to view it less like a race to the finish and more like a continuous journey.

HTTP Protocols

Stumbled on this great summary about the http protocol. It has historical information and also a good summary of the various http status codes. Every web developer should have this knowledge. How many do ?

Goodbye Passwords!

Passwords are being executed and WebAuthn is its executor. Passwords are going out of style fast and no longer a good web standard of login. WebAuthn is taking over and there’s nothing passwords can do about it.

AI vs Shoplifters

It’s already challenging for shoplifters to do their dirty deeds and AIs have will make it much harder for them soon. Vaak’s new software can detect behavior common in shoplifters and halt them in their tracks.

Blitzscaling: Sustainability Issues

The problem with Blitzscaling, the investor dollar driven, hyper growth strategy that seems to be klling revenue generating businesses is long term sustainability.

Knowledge Development Sessions

Differences between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

In this Knowledge Development Session, Christopher Okoro describes, with the aid of well-crafted info-graphics, the differences between three interesting data science-related topics. In summary, AI takes actions that maximizes its chance of success, DL is a branch of ML, that makes it better, ML is a branch of AI that makes it better.

About Weekly Tech Roundup by Bincom Dev Center

You probably already know that Bincom ICT‘s core is Best Use of Technology. This initiative is a compilation of some of the things the people at Bincom Dev Center found interesting during the week in review. Bincom Dev Center is the Training & Development Arm of Bincom ICT.

In this weekly publication, You will find various pieces ranging from ideas to trends, to random thoughts. They are here because we found them interesting. We also include some knowledge development pieces and where to get more information about these topic. We aim to publish an edition every Friday at 5:00pm (with exception of Holidays). We are working hard to keep ourselves updated and we think you should too!

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