Weekly Tech Roundup for November 19 2021

You are cruising along and then Technology changes, you have to adapt – Marc Andersen
Less than seven weeks to the end of the year and no one is slowing down. We’ve seen updates everyday, from self-driving taxi, parler shut down to rollable phone.

We have put together a list of technology trends for your perusal.  After all, knowledge is never enough. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.

Tech Snippets

Backend Web App Development Frameworks

There has been a surge in the provisioning of businesses online . This is due to the increase of people who purchase products online. The article highlights reasons why you should pick a particular technology for the building of your website . -O.H


As website designers, we want as many people as possible to view our work, and SEO ranking can help us achieve that goal. Here’s how your website’s UX can help you rank higher in search engines. -P.V

Samsung Tech Change

Although the lockdowns are over, the time we spent at home in 2020 gave Samsung plenty of ideas for how the smartphone experience could be improved.

AirPods Pro 2 Launch

Apple is working to Upgrade their premium TWS offering with the following features biometric sensors could be introduced on the Apple AirPods Pro 2. This combined with other sensors, could allow for new health-based features: a step counter, motion detection, and heart rate monitoring and more. comes 2022. -L.O

Slack Workflow

Life made easier as Slack decides to partner with developers to make workflow easier. -O.O

Microsoft Disables EdgeDeflector

Microsoft’s changes are obnoxious, particularly the ones in Windows 11 that make switching default browsers more difficult in the first place. The oddest aspect of Microsoft forcing people to use Edge and ignoring Windows browser defaults is that Microsoft Edge is a good browser. It shouldn’t be necessary for Microsoft to compel you to use it. -O.W

Cryptocurrency faces a quantum computing problem

Are you into crypto? Here is a good news for cryptocurrency fans. The quantum computing problem can be fixed by adopting the same post-quantum cryptography technology that the computing industry already has begun developing. -O.O

Google Cloud Outage

Websites and services like Spotify, Discord, Snapchat, and Etsy seem to be recovering after an outage that brought them, and many other sites, down for a little less than an hour on Tuesday. -O.W

Vivo V17 Review

vivo has produced a lot of phone this year, and one their latest products is Vivo V17 as we all know that vivo product have torchbearer  “No notch” but In the Vivo V17 Pro, they fixed the problem and launched the first-ever dual selfie smartphone camera. it has the tiniest hole-punch camera which is quite impressive. -L.O

Tesla Sued

JP Morgan Chase is suing Tesla for $162 (£121m) over tweets in 2018 by boss Elon Musk that he could take the electric car maker private.The bank accused Tesla of “flagrantly” breaching a deal it claims should have triggered payments to JP Morgan. Mr Musk’s notorious tweets that he had funding to take Tesla off the New York stock market sparked volatility in the share price. -A.M

How to Write Good Commit Messages with Commitlint

The art and importance of writing a good commot message using commitInit. -P.U

NCC warns of new malware gaining control of smartphones

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