Weekly Tech Roundup for October 09th 2020

You are cruising along and then BAM! Technology changes. You have to adapt. – Marc Anderson

They say the only permanent thing in life is change. They also say no room is bigger than the room for improvement. No better manifestation of these sayings, than Technology. Something that may seem impossible today, may as well be outdated tomorrow. That’s just how it is in the IT world. Only thing we can do is endeavour to always be part of the moving train and not be left behind.

At Bincom, we recognise this nature of technology and so always showcase whats trending in the Information and Technology hemisphere, s as to keep our beloved audience up to date.

Tech Snippets

AI Issue

How AI and Ml are affecting technology right now. V.I

Whatsapp Beta

WhatsApp has released a new beta version for Android devices that brings a redesigned Storage Usage section for testing purposes. J.D

Scam Apps

You may not know this but one of the simplest ways to avoid becoming a victim of adware scams is to read the reviews about an app. O.W

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft’s second and current strategy, Instead of focusing on dominance and power, it focuses on what customers and partners want; and build products that people want to buy. This strategy change has resulted in offerings like the Edge Browser, which builds on Google’s Chrome Browser base while improving usability, security, and customer satisfaction. D.O

Understanding 5G

5G promises lightning-fast speed, barely noticeable latency (or communication response time) and vastly increased capacity. That’s not all.

AI video compressor

This is super cool … NVIDIA AI Video compression. It uses AI to reduce video call bandwidth to bring people using Audio only conference because of low bandwidth to video.  This video gives more details, very simple idea and powerful application of AI. B.A

Whatsapp Multiple Device

Apparently, whatsapp users won’t be restricted to just one device per account soon.  Users can simultaneously access whatsapp on up to 4 devices at a time. Desktop users are also getting new UI design. O.O

Google et Gmail

Gmail might soon be offering more than email service to customers as new design is teased to be released soon. It is known that Google usually reveals new logos along with broader service redesigns, it is possible that Gmail could see some major tweaks in the coming months. O.O

Tech Job

With the pandemic having forced enterprises to let their staff work from home, the emphasis is shifting to cloud-based solutions, remote tech services and security, Ray Wang, a principal analyst at Constellation Research, told TechNewsWorld. J.D

About Deno

Have you ever wondered why Deno.js never picked up despite all the hype?This article performs an autopsy. Summary, Deno is not dead, making it backward compatible with Node will give it the needed boost. B.A


Could this be an upgrade to the previous generation? SK Hynix announced the launch of world fastest ram. But there’s a but :grin: find out more details here. A.J

G Suite

With it’s new name as Google Workspace, Google  is re-branding G Suite, its set of online productivity and collaboration tools for businesses that include the likes of Gmail, Drive, Docs and Meet. O.W

Slack Upgrade

Slack adjusting to this new era where everyone is suddenly jumping on more video calls for work and even social activities. -O.O


Planning to do a marathon? A new way of analysing data from a smart watch could help forecast how you will perform.

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