Weekly Tech Roundup for July 7th 2018. How much can you handle?

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From phones to cars to medicine to robotics, Technology touches every part of our lives. If you can create technology, you can change the world. – Susan Wojcicki.

How wide can your mind travel? How much shift can you handle? If it still is too little, we recommend you enlarge your capacity because there’s a lot to take in. From WhatsApp’s new features to Twitter clean up strategy to Automated railways being tested in China, nothing is impossible anymore. We know that we have stirred your curiosity but don’t be worried at the thought of scavenging for all these news. We have them compiled here and they are just a click away.

We also included some snippets from our daily knowledge development sessions, just to give you a little extra knowledge. After all, knowledge is never enough. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.

WhatsApp launches new feature

Great News! WhatsApp has now released a feature that we all need. Forwarded messages will now be labelled as such. This way, you would know when your friend dropped one of those “shared as received” messages.

Tech support scammers

Be careful before you call that Tech support, it could be a scam!!!!

Microsoft enticing promises with the purchase of GitHub

Microsoft is concluding its plans to purchase Github, and their plans to take it to the next level is really promising.

Unbundling FinTechs

With almost similar services with the aim of delivering maximum value to the customer, will PiggyBank Become PayLater before PayLater Becomes PiggyBank?

Robots already running blind

With the recent testings of Cheetah 3, demonstrating its blind locomotion prowess alongside its other robotic superpowers, I guess the “Rise of the Machines” is coming in a bit earlier than expected.

YouTube adopts Incognito mode 

Google introduces incognito mode to YouTube Android apps for users that do not want search content in their history.

Neglected Data breaches

When we talk about security in a company, most people will look at network hardening (network security), computers, smartphones and tablets. An area often overlooked is printer security. Where is the best place for an enemy to hide? In the last place you would ever look.

Startups that kicked off with little or no money

Inasmuch as you think you need reasonable amount of money to start up, what you really need to know is that you do not need Venture Capital to start. You need an idea that solves a real problem and you can kick off by charging money for it. This is aimed at motivating tech startups.

Tech Players Inaugurated by V.P Yemi Osibanjo

Here is a list of 28 tech players inaugurated by vice president Yemi Osinbajo in the Advisory Group on Technology and Creativity.

Twitter clean up strategy

Twitter Clean Up; Twitter now removing blocked, frozen or suspended accounts from users followers list, check how this may affect you.

Nigerian billionaires of tomorrow will be Techies – VP Yemi Osibanjo

Imagine a Silicon valley in Nigeria? yes!!!, you heard right. I bring to you, VIBRANIUM VALLEY. Launched by the Vice President of Nigeria, Yemi Osibanjo.

Automated railways being tested by China

How cool is this? Automated railways being tested by China. The Plan is to have automatic trains running at speeds of up to 350kmph in time for the 2022 Winter Olympics on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou link

Adobe plans on bringing Photoshop  to iPad 

Photoshop seems to be the only Key app missing from the almighty iPad. This just makes sense for so many reasons

Knowledge Development

Beat Drone

by Gbolaga Oguntula

Beat Drone is a startup that provides drone services for farmers with the aim of optimizing crop yields and reducing costs. They own the drones and software and they use it to assist farmers and collect a service charge.

Their main aim is to have accurate data on crop health to avoid premature death, Reduce cost of operation and Increase efficiency and crop production in Nigeria
The drone company which was one of the featured startups under Passion Incubator, won the N5 million cash prize and N5 million in technical supports from the sponsors of the recently concluded Tech-Fest event.

Currency Converter App

by A.A Afolabi

The Currency Converter App was to be built with es6 or further versions of JavaScript to be able to convert currency offline.

Making open web apps functional while offline is an important problem to solve: users may lose network while on the move. In addition, having your files available locally will make your app require less server access and therefore be more responsive. To read more click HERE

On the Rise of FinTechs – Credit Scoring using Digital Footprints

by Habib Audu

Let us analyze the information content of the digital footprint – information that people leave online simply by accessing or registering on a website – for predicting consumer default. Using more than 250,000 observations, we show that even simple, easily accessible variables from the digital footprint equal or exceed the information content of credit bureau (FICO) scores. Furthermore, the discriminatory power for unscorable customers is very similar to that of scorable customers. Our results have potentially wide implications for financial intermediaries’ business models, for access to credit for the unbanked, and for the behaviour of consumers, firms, and regulators in the digital sphere. Some of the implication is having customers changing their online behaviour if digital footprints are widely used in lending decisions. Some of the digital footprint variables are clearly costly to manipulate (such as buying the newest smart device or signing up for a paid email account) while others require a customer to change her intrinsic habits (such as impulse shopping or making typing mistakes).

The correlation between the score based on the digital footprint variables and the FICO score is approximately 10%. As a consequence, the discriminatory power of a model using both the FICO score and the digital footprint variables significantly exceeds models that only use the FICO score or only use the digital footprint variables. This suggests that the digital footprint complements rather than substitutes for credit bureau information and a lender that uses information from both sources (FICO + digital footprint) can make superior lending decisions compared to lenders that only access one of the two sources of information.

UX Designs

by Bolanle Arogundade

In today’s industry of rapidly growing interfaces, UX design has become increasingly important.
UX is how a person feels when interfacing with a system. This includes a website, web application, desktop software and basically any form of human/device interaction.
To put it simply, UX is important because it tries to fulfill the user’s needs. It aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand. Additionally, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your website that are most conducive to business success.
When was the last time you took a hard look at the user journey of your website? If it’s been awhile, it’s in your best interest to revisit it and make sure you aren’t losing users due to a confusing user experience.

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