Weekly Tech Roundup for October 13, 2023

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” – Alan Kay,

Hello techies,
This week’s tech update is filled with exciting content. Take your best sitting position and enjoy.

Send Async Emails In Your Django App With Celery And Redis

A guide to sending emails to users in a web application asynchronously using Django, celery, and Redis – Peter Claver

What Is AWS VPC And Subnets?

VPC or Virtual Private Cloud is an isolated container for an AWS account specified with an IP range used to launch resources into a virtual network. – Omobuwajo Adeoye

Ten (10) Django Projects You Can Start Today And Monetize Tomorrow

Surely a good article for beginners/intermediate-level programmers to build upon and gain more skills. – Collins Emmanuel

Five (5) Ways to Charge Your Laptop Without a Charger

Charge the laptop without a charger using a USB-C cable, power bank, or universal adapter. – Gambo I. Mailakwagam

The Role of Wireframing and Prototyping in UI/UX Design

In UI/UX design, wireframing and prototyping are essential tools that can help conceptualize, iterate, and refine user interfaces and experiences. – Adekunle M. Ebitanmi

ChatGPT Upgrades

Artificial intelligence advances in a manner hard for the human mind to grasp. It keeps improving and getting better by the day. – Peter Pankyes

Twenty-Seven (27) Ways To Become A Better Graphic Designer

Are you having a challenge on what to do about your design? Worry no more because in this article you will understand the things of how to be a great designer. – Lawal Sofiyat Olabisi

Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare sector, digital marketing is instrumental in patient engagement, health education, and improving overall healthcare service accessibility and quality. – Monijesu Aboyeji

Samsung Q3 Profit Beats Expectations, Raising Hopes Of Chip Recovery

Samsung Electronics said its preliminary Q3 profit dropped by a smaller margin than the expected 78% as the battered memory chip market indicates early signs of recovering from a serious downturn. – James Chukwu

Adobe launches Photoshop’s Web Version With Firefly-Powered AI tools

Adobe just dropped the web-based version of Photoshop, now loaded with cutting-edge AI tools driven by Firefly’s technology. – Samuel Ekele

Five (5) Trendy New UX/UI Tools In October

Hey Designers, here is a list of 5 trendy UI/UX Tools in October. You should check them out and thank me always. – Abidemi Hassan

How To Position Yourself Into The Right Niche As a UI/UX Designer

Hey Guy here are some helpful ways to position yourself right into a niche. – Akorede M. Alokan

Google turns up the heat on AWS, claims Cloud Spanner is half the cost of DynamoDB

Call it the ‘bragging right’ yeah. Google talks big on its cloud spanner over AWS’s DynamoDB. According to Google, Cloud Spanner is now more efficient in terms of both compute and storage which it describes as significant cost savings for consumers. – Lanre Balogun

Create Products That People Love By Validating Your Idea First

Validate your idea before creating a product that customers would appreciate is a great advantage. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

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