Weekly Tech Roundup for October 06, 2023

The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art. – John Lasseter

Hello techies,
We bring it back again as usual. This time we bring new tech articles in the tech industry. We hope this will enlighten you.

60–30–10 Rule: How to choose colors for your UI design

The 60-30-10 rule helps in balancing proportions in design. The rule emphasizes the primary colour(60%), secondary colour(30%) which is texts and highlights, and tertiary color(10%)  which is buttons, notifications, etc. – Fathia Alliu

How To Annotate Your Presentations In Google Slides

Google Slides has an annotation feature that enables you to highlight significant content, draw, or add notes to make your presentation more comprehensible for your viewers. – Gambo I. mailakwagam.

FG To Push Nigerian Startups Fundraising To $5 Billion By 2027 

Nigeria’s Government is planning to increase the start-up fundraising to $5 Billion by the year 2027. – Ridwan Bello

Leveraging User Agents in FastAPI Python Scripts for Enhanced Security and Strategic Decision-Making

Adding user agents to your Python application helps in improving security and also in gathering data. – Collins Emmanuel

How To Load A Dataset From CSV File To A Django Database And Serve On The Website

Easier thing to do when dealing with rich large data and want to implement them in Django. – Peter Claver

Spotify Premium To Include Free Access To Audiobooks In UK.

Spotify has released a statement saying that on Tuesday, October 3rd, the users of its premium services in both Australia and the UK would now have 15 hours of access to audiobooks a month with the hope that the feature will expand to the United States later in the year. – James Chukwu

LinkedIn Goes Big On New AI Tools For Learning, Recruitment, Marketing, And sales, powered by OpenAI

LinkedIn is introducing several AI-powered features to improve its job search, marketing, and sales services. These enhancements include an upgraded Recruiter talent sourcing platform with integrated AI and an AI-driven LinkedIn Learning coach. – Samuel Ekele

How To Create A Colour Ramp Used In Design Systems

In the design system, we have color, under colour there is colour ramp. It is from dark to light form. – Sofiyat O. Lawal

Hungryroot Founder Debuts Every, An AI-powered App For Self-Reflection And Human Connection

You know what they say? It’s the world of AI! Meet Every, a recently launched AI-powered app that helps you connect with like minds around you. The app works by creating thought-provoking games and you’re asked follow-up questions that will result in self-discovery. Every is available in the app store. – Lanre Balogun

Deploy Your Node.Is Project With AWS EC2

Want to learn how to cost-effectively deploy your web application securely to the internet? This article explains in detail how to deploy a scalable application via AWS EC2 and ensure it is secure with HTTPS protocol. – Sanmi Akande

The Time Value Of Shipping

Time Value of Shipping is a framework for implementing that idea in the best possible time taking in recognition of finances and other important resources needed for the success of your product. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

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