Weekly Tech Roundup for October 5 2018


The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.   -Anonymous

As we have come to notice, technology has improved over the years and it won’t stop any time soon. Keeping up to date with these frequent improvements is the only way to be and remain relevant in the technological world. We have therefore availed these trends to you, just a click away. Have a splendid weekend.

Creator of the World Wide Web is Creating a New Decentralized Web

Tim Berners-Lee is known for creating the world wide web, i.e., the internet you know today. More than two decades later, Tim is working to free the internet from the clutches of corporate giants and give the power back to the people via a decentralized web.

Antergos Softens Arch Learning Curve

Antergos 8.9 is one of the better Arch Linux options. It is a powerful and modern computing platform, elegantly designed. It gives power users almost all they could desire. Arch distros are not for Linux newcomers — but for seasoned Linux users who are new to Arch, Antergos has much to offer. One of the biggest challenges in getting started with any Arch distro is surviving the installation.

Here’s How Hackers Steal Your Credit/Debit Card Details!

The method that hackers mostly use to steal credit card data is known as form-jacking. Here we have shared everything about how it works.

Technologies Now Changing Manufacturing

As new technologies start to pervade all areas of our lives, we are beginning to see their application in the manufacturing industry. The German government coined the term ‘Industry 4.0’ which refers to this revolution of manufacturing through technology. While there is certainly some debate around the use of this term – the integration of production methods with the latest developments in computers certainly has the potential to make manufacturing autonomous, cheaper and more efficient. There are lots of ways this could be done, so what can we expect to see in the factory of the future?

Setting Up Your Tech on the Assumption You’ll Be Hacked

Facebook was hacked. Twitter was Hacked. Google was … wait … if all these giants are susceptible … what does that mean for the smaller players? This writer interviewed someone who thinks you should set up your Tech based on the assumption that you will be hacked. They make some good points.

Direct Upload to Amazon AWS S3 Using PHP & HTML

As we all know, Amazon S3 is a cost-effective, reliable, fast and secure object storage system, which allows us to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web. Today I am going to show you how you can directly upload any file to Amazon AWS S3 using HTML Form and PHP without compromising your own server security and upload latency.

Access Bank and Microsoft partner to improve banking security in Africa

Access Bank, Nigeria’s leading commercial bank, has partnered with global technology giant, Microsoft to improve security and banking experience for customers in Nigeria and Africa, as both companies accentuated their commitment to providing custom made products and services that addresses pressing challenges in the banking industry in Africa.

About Weekly Tech Roundup by Bincom Dev Center 

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In this weekly publication, You will find various pieces ranging from ideas to trends, to random thoughts. They are here because we found them interesting.  We also include some knowledge development pieces and where to get more information about the topic. We aim to publish an edition every Friday at 5:00pm (with exception of Holidays).  We are working hard to keep ourselves updated and we think you should too!

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