Weekly Tech Roundup for August 5, 2022

“We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users”. – Jeff Atwood

Hey guys,

The end of the week at Bincom comes with great joy because it is a good time to chill out with awesome tech updates around the world. We did not bring you less of what you expected from us this week. Take your time to digest.

Tech snippets

How to use wireless charging on your Samsung phone

For Samsung users, get to know the ‘how-to’ on the latest technological advancement on Samsung devices which is wireless charging. – Sarah Sarah

The majority of UK office workers want a four-day week and hybrid work

The work culture in the UK is gradually changing as employees in technology companies are requesting a four days work week and hybrid option which helps to increase productivity and encourage work-life balance. – Amen Aimiuwu

11 ways eCommerce chatbots can boost sales, support, and lead generation

The eCommerce market has become indispensable and is rapidly expanding. With rising user demand, it has become critical to ensure a continuous flow of services around the clock. – Muhammad Yekini

How to write tests for node.js

Node.js is an open-source platform used by developers to run and execute javascript. This article provides a guide for writing tests for Node.js with hands-on tips and tricks. – Tanaya Mukati


Windows 11’s new taskbar overflow

If you want a more robust and user-friendly taskbar in Windows 11, there are several changes you can make in the OS itself. – Opeyemi Orebiyi

Tips for leveraging the power of voice search optimization

If voice search optimization is not part of your SEO strategy, it’s time to fix that. According to Gartner, 32% of consumers are interested in hands-free technology that would limit touching or contamination. – Sunday A. Oluyele

Playstudios launches blockchain gaming, $10M web3-focused fund

The company that owns popular mobile apps like Tetris is now introducing a new blockchain-focused division that will employ “rewarded play” to take advantage of blockchain technology and give players of its library of games more rewarding experiences. – Elijah Moses

How to change the side panels in the new Gmail view

Google has added another side panel that gives you immediate access to several apps. – Elias Peter

UK Parliament closes TikTok account after China data warning

Data Security – UK Parliament shut down Tik-Tok account amid China data warning. – Joseph Oyebola

Apple to delay iPad software launch by a month

There will not be an apple iPad software launch the next month. – Michael Ayangbade

Importance of user research as a critical tool

This article will give you an understanding of user research methods and how to solve a real-world problem. – Olabisi S. Lawal

The Innovation of technologies and its three types

Have anyone ever thought of the different types of technology in the world? Yes, we all mention technology in our day-to-day life, but have you ever imagined if there are different types of technology available? – Monday Peters

New Gmail attack bypasses passwords and 2FA to read all email

A recently developed Gmail hacking technique avoids passwords and 2FA to access the emails of users. – Faith Akintoye

Samsung brings Amazon Luna games to its smart TVs and monitors

Luna users can also link their profiles to the Samsung Gaming Hub. The software is now being pre-installed on its 2022 Samsung smart TVs and M-series smart monitors. – Blessing Itohan

WhatsApp refuses to scan messages for illegal material

WhatsApp is adamant about securing users’ privacy by neglecting the UK government’s new law. – Ridwan Bello

Patreon CEO fed up with Instagram and Facebook

Instagram’s attempt at imitating Tiktok content creation has been faced with opposition from different quarters. The latest is Conte’s comments about development. – Samuel O. Ajala

Save $50 on the Google Pixel 6A with no strings attached

Google releases a new product (Pixel 6A). The product comes with a discount of $50 on Amazon. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

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