Weekly Tech Roundup for September 27th 2019

“Technology like art is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.” – Daniel Bell

“Innovation is the outcome of a habit, not a random act.” – Sukant Ratnakar

“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety

From the quotes above from those remarkable individuals, it is quite obvious the impact technology has in our world today and future to come, cannot be denied. We intend to expose you a bit to the ever developing nature of tech, via our blog.

We included some snippets from our daily knowledge development sessions, just to give you a little extra knowledge. After all, knowledge is never enough. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.

Tech Snippets

Innovation on UI/UX

Imagine you could draw your layout on paper and have it converted it into HTML / CSS codes…sounds surreal right?  Well looks like such a tool exists.  An AI powered tool tool that allows you to sketch by hand on paper a web or app wireframe and it auto converts it to design/code. A fantastic innovation for the UI / UX field. Check it out. – BA

Tech For Human movement

Drawing motivation from a chronic lower back defect she had,  Nan-Wei Gong, an MIT physicist came up with a solution that makes use of sensors, to track the movement of the human body which is said to help trainers, physical therapists. etc. in tracking the quality of human movement… Women in tech are really gaining grounds – VU


Amazon has bought technology startup INLT for an undisclosed amount, the company told Reuters on Tuesday, in a transaction that will help merchants on its online marketplace more easily import goods into the United States.
“INLT is a smart, nimble team that is helping companies simplify and lower the cost of importing goods into the US,”
Amazon is looking to expand the services it offers merchants to add tools for complicated cross-border sales processes, which sellers largely needed to manage on their own.
The timing and pricing of the INLT service is yet to be announced. – Cc

Shape-shifting robots

Shape-shifting robots??????:flushed::astonished::astonished:.  We might have come across shape-shifting robots in movies but its like we won’t be seeing that only in the movies. These recently developed robots can change their shape to demonstrate/display data.- MC

Snake robotics

Did you ever stop to ask yourself why most of us envision the human form when we think of the word “Robot?” What if the real potential of robotics lies with thinking outside that box? Here’s your introduction to snake robotics! – WTA


Have you ever thought about how technology has made us, in some ways, numb to its remarkable potential? Think about it, when was the last time you were stopped in wonder by new innovations in technology? – WTA


Javascript is still at the top as the world’s most popular programming language. JQuery remains its most popular framework. Read to see the most used tools by Javascript developers  around the world –  MC


Git can be very confusing to beginners especially and some times to intermediate programmers. This is a quick information telling us how to go about some things like naming convention for fast and clear communications. – G

Problems in Insurance and how technology influences it

An awesome article about “CURRENT CHALLENGES IN THE INSURANCE SECTOR IN NIGERIA AND HOW TECHNOLOGY CAN SOLVE THESE CHALLENGES” It was written to encourage techies and people in insurance sector on how to solve the problems in this sector.

Knowledge Development Sessions

Best Alternative To Negotiation

Have you ever concluded a negotiation just wondered “but that could have gone a better way tho…”.Well you in luck, as one of our team members explained the best alternative to negotiate. Enjoy.


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