Here comes the long awaited solution for e-commerce websites. Bincom ICT solutions in an attempt to mitigate the problems developers experience developing a platform that interfaces with Inter-switch platform came up with an application that ensures that any payment made over the internet is secure and gets to the inter-switch server.

How it works:

ComWebPAY is an application/plugin developed by Bincom ICT Solutions to connect an inter-switch account with a website where the service is needed. After installing ComWebPAY as a plugin to your website, you will be required to fill a form. This form captures the information you get from Inter-switch after making the one-time payment (N150,000) has been made to inter-switch. Once this form is filled, the website is set for making payment. When a user goes to the shopping cart and chooses a product to pay for, ComWebPAY pops up and captures information about the user and the product the user wants to purchase. After this is done, it prints out a summary page of your interest and proceeds to the inter-switch interface where you insert your credit card details, your account pin, the item you want to pay for and the amount to pay. After this, ComWebPAY informs you whether the transaction was successful or not. It thereafter stores the information of the transaction and sends the user a mail The advantage of using ComWebPAY application is that it saves developers the stress of developing plugins that relates with inter-switch.

For more information on the application, call Ann on 07011954852 or email with subject “Information on Questions.Bincom Application”.

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