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The Executive Summary: Bincom ICT Solutions in furtherance of one of its corporate social responsibility goals, has launched It is a forum where registered users/members can post discussions and questions relating to information technology, read and respond to posts by other members. Members can ask questions and receive answers from other members of the community. Members can also comment on a particular answer or question and hold conversations in form of posted messages which can be read by others whenever they happen to log on. is aimed at developing a sense of an online community, or virtual community among members. It provides an avenue where members can start new topics, debates or discussions, interact with each other, post solutions to challenges. Users have to register and then subsequently log in in order to post messages. Users do not have to log in to read existing messages.

How it works: Questions.bincom is a question answering search engine mobile application designed by Bincom ICT Solutions for people who need information relating to Information Technology. As soon as a question is asked, Question.bincom community members gets a broadcast informing them that there is an open question. Any member of the community that has a solution to the question replies immediately with the answer. This way, the person who asked the question, gets more than enough answers from different people with diverse experience.


Cross Platform: Questions.bincom is designed to work on all mobile OS. This gives room for answers from diverse sets of professional without device restriction.

Accessibility: Questions.bincom being a mobile application makes answers accessible.

Authenticity of result: Response to questions are pulled from a database of similar questions and real people with answers also provide answers.

To register, visit For more information on the application, call 07011954854 or email with subject “Information on Questions.bincom Application”

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