Social Media Training

The use of social media by individuals and organisation is very rampant. It offers companies and individuals diverse ways of communicating with target audience. However, due to the number of potential ways to use these social media channels, many companies and individuals still see it as just a one-way channel of communication.

Our social media training offers your business flexibility of time and cost with lots of benefits for your business.

We offer Social Media Training for individuals, groups, teams and organisations. This training will enable individuals to manage their organisation’s Social Media Assets efficiently and effectively.

This is a 1 week intensive Social Media practical class for Social Media Enthusiasts. Classes will hold between 10am and 2pm each week day.

What you will learn?

— A working knowledge of Social Media Strategy and begin developing one for your Organisation

— A basic idea of  social media engagement, campaigns and advertising techniques

— How to effectively manage and monitor your organisation’s social media assets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)

— How to manage your status updates from one source.

— Be able to learn further on your own (1 month after training support included)

How you will learn?

The training is a Montessori type class with lots of practical on a daily basis. You will learn by doing. NO cramming in this class.

Where you will learn?

We shall communicate the exact Training venue to only registered trainees.

The training cost is N 120,000.00 but we are running a promotional offer for N 40,000.00

Outside Lagos?

You may contact us for Hotel Booking information close to training venue. We are also working at running sessions at our presence all over Nigeria.

What you should do now?

Please register for the Training and make payment to our designated bank accounts. There are only 10 spaces per class.

Interested in Future Sessions?

Please register here and indicate Future Sessions

Training Requirement

Candidates must attend the training with:

— A laptop (preferably Windows Operating System)

— Proof of Payment

— Proof of Identification


Participants must have a minimum of basic knowledge of using a Computer and Emails.

Next Class?

Date will be communicated in due time.

For more information: Please call 08178410420 or 07011954852 or email:

Please register for the Training & and make payment to our designated bank accounts. There are only 10 spaces per class.

Training Curriculum

The training will cut across various aspect of social media deployment. This will include but is not limited to :

— Social Media Strategy
— Social Media Fundamentals
— Social Media Implementation
— Social Media Engagement
— Social Media Advertising
— Best Use of Social Media
— Focus on a Platform : Facebook
— Focus on a Platform :  Twitter
— Focus on a Platform :  LinkedIn
— Social Media and the Corporate Enterprise
— Social Media Tools
— Social Media Campaigns
— Social Media Management
— Social Media Monitoring
— Social Media Applications (Development)

Call 07011954852 for more Information on our training services.

Click here to fill our registration form

Training Module (5 days)

Social Media Fundamentals
Social Media Implementation
Social Media Engagement
Social Media Advertising
Best Use of Social Media
Using Facebook
Using Twitter
Using LinkedIn
Creating social bookmark
Managing your status updates from one source

Training Curriculum Details
Using Facebook
•    Facebook introduction and overview
•    Facebook pages and fans
•    Creating a Facebook page
o    Designing and branding your Facebook page
o    Best practices and common mistakes
o    Getting fans
o    Vanity URLs

•    Hosting your own Facebook events
o    Managing your event
o    Customizing your event

•    Introduction to Facebook advertising
o    Creating ads
o    Creating a target profile
o    Advertising maintenance

•    Facebook applications
o    Application introduction
o    Using pre-built applications

Using Twitter
•    Twitter introduction and overview
o    What is it and who is using it?
o    Creating a twitter ID

•    Interacting with others on Twitter
o    Following
o    Sending @replies
o    Sending direct messages
o    Using the #tag
o    Un-following and blocking users
o    Verified accounts

•    Creating a tweet
o    Writing within the 140 characters
o    Creating engaging and interesting tweets
o    Linking to other sites
o    Re-tweeting

•    Using Twitter to help build your brand
o    Branding your twitter page
o    Customizing your twitter account

•    Connecting with your customers on Twitter
•    Using the Twitter API
•    Adding Twitter update feeds to other sites

Using LinkedIn
Building your profile
•    Creating a professional profile
•    Managing your professional network
•    Career history
•    Managing your profile
•    Managing status updates
•    LinkedIn recommendations
o    Getting recommended
o    Recommending colleagues
•    LinkedIn groups
o    Creating a group
o    Branding your group
o    Group posts
Creating social bookmarks
•    Online bookmarks
•    Share bookmarks with others
Managing your status updates from one source
•    Use APIs to managing status updates
•    Get users to log in with their Facebook profile
Tracking results
•    Google analytics
•    TweetDeck
•    Third party software and tools
The student is expected to come with his/her laptop.

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