Weekly Tech Roundup for July 29, 2022

What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.” – Tim O’Reilly

Hello guys,

We bring you some interesting tech-update that will improve your knowledge of technology. Take a seat and enjoy this week’s tech update.

Tech snippets

What is big data, and why is it Important?

Big data is a collection of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data collected by organizations that can be extracted for information and used in machine learning projects, predictive modeling, and other advanced analytics applications. – Muhammad Yekini

A new programming language developed by Google hopes to unseat C++

For programmers who want to migrate, Google believes its newly announced carbon should be interoperable with C++ code. – Patrick G. Awoyemi

How to create responsive tables with pure CSS using Grid Layout Module

Did you know you can create responsive tables using a CSS grid? Learn how to make tables using a CSS grid. – Patrick Udoh.

Now Microsoft Office is blocking macros by default
Microsoft is all set to launch an Office application update that will disable VBA macros on all downloaded files to protect against malware attacks starting July 27. – Tanaya Mukati

Amazon Prime subscription price raised by £1 a month

Amazon Prime lists membership canceled annual subscription plan options as the services provider company is set to raise the price of its prime service for its UK customers. Amazon decried that the price rise is partly caused by inflation which is at a 40-year high. – Joseph Oyebola.

31 unique python packages to improve your data workflow

As data scientists we collect, analyze, and interpret data on a day-to-day basis finding valuable insights from the data. Below are some unique python packages that could help your data workflow as a data scientist. – Michael Adeyemi

Carbon Language: An experimental successor to C++

Google announces at their conference, how they have created a programming language that solves the shortcomings of the C++ language, but it will still have the benefits and speed of C++. The Carbon language will be to C++ what typescript is to Javascript. – Samuel O. Soaga

Navigating today’s threat landscape

Rapid developments in artificial intelligence, autonomy, and unmanned systems, digital infrastructure, networking and social media, and disinformation are profoundly altering the national security landscape. Nation-states have new tools at their disposal for political influence as well as new vulnerabilities to attacks. – Michael Alex

The architecture of information

Are you trying to make your product easily accessible and make users navigate your product easily? – Sofiyat O. Lawal

Twitter for iOS updates the spaces bar with hosts,

All you need to know about Twitter for iOS updates. – Michael Ayangbade

If you think Instagram is bad now, you won’t like Zuckerberg’s plans

Following the rise and success of Tik-Tok, Meta, Instagram’s parent company, has been trying to follow in its footsteps. This means showing content from accounts you don’t follow. – Aburime B.I

Google Sheets vs. Excel: Which is better?

Confused about which spreadsheet application to use for analysis? Check out this detailed post on the differences between Google sheets and excel. – Sarah Ibe

The Pill Camera

Capsule endoscopy is a new technology that gastroenterologists use to examine the deepest portions of the digestive tract. – Faith Obilor

How to ensure your product strategy is effective

Having an effective product strategy will go a long way in helping you achieve a successful product without wasting time. Olaoluwa Ogunleye

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