Weekly Tech Roundup for January 08 2021

Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life, perhaps it is the greatest of God’s gift. It is the mother of civilisations, of art and science. – Freeman Dyson.

Times are changing and so is the technology that guides our day to day interactions with the versatile world. Developers are working round the clock to discover better ways to implement changes, you would have to consciously keep up with Trends so that you don’t get lost or left behind.

We at Bincom Dev Center, we make catching up with relevant trend easy for you to do. Here are Information and Communications Technology Trends that will blow your mind. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.

Happy New Year!

Tech Snippets

Financial Inclusion

Great talk on financial inclusion,  digital divide ..etc

Roughly two billion people worldwide don’t have access to banks or financial services like credit, insurance and investment — or even a way to formally prove their identity. How do we bridge this divide? -B.O

Hard Problems for Tech

The tech industry spent the last two decades connecting the world and getting computers into every home and hand — but that’s turning out to have been the easy part. J.K.

AI in 2021

“Scale AI CEO Alexandr Wang doesn’t need a crystal ball to see where artificial intelligence will be used in the future. He just looks at his customer list.”Wang forecasts the biggest emerging A.I use cases in 2021. A.J

4K Streaming

You must have heard of 4k Streaming but don’t really know what it implies? Well, here’s everything you need to know about it. A.J

The Moon

China celebrates the third year of operations on the far side of the moon. When is Nigeria going to achieve such feet? Hilarious but we also need this. It is well oh. :blush: A.J

Product Owners

“As Product Owners, you cannot ask for permission. You are responsible for maximizing the value. You do what you understand to be the best for the product. You don’t need to justify your decisions. You need to prove them by maximizing the real value for end-users and the business.” N.A


“While the world continues to await the arrival of safe, reliable and cost-effective self-driving cars, one of the pioneers in the world of autonomous vehicle software has raised some substantial funding to double down on what it sees as a more immediate opportunity: providing technology to industrial companies to build off-road applications.”

Startup Playbook

Launching soon, but not sure how to handle it? If you are working on a start up, you should really take a look at this playbook for launching your startup. It has many fantastic suggestions. -B.A

5G Android Phones

5G is not available in Nigeria yet but the good news is Cheap 5G Android phones are set to get high-end specs with Snapdragon chip which will be adopted in the market soon. And once there’s a 5G connection in Nigeria there will be cheap 5G phones to roll with it. A.J

Intern Abroad

Are you interested in travelling and Interning with a Global Startup ?This plug may just make that dream come true. They are new and i expect there would be kinks in the process but it looks like it is worth a try.

Covid-19 et Cosmetics

Spending on cosmetics has usually weathered economic crises, but that changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with stay-at-home orders and masks tempering people’s desire to wear makeup. This forced retailers to accelerate their online strategies, finding new ways to capture shoppers’ attention without in-store samples. Virtual beauty try-on technology, like the ones developed by Perfect Corp., will play an important role in this shift to digital. The company announced today it has raised a Series C of $50 million led by Goldman Sachs. O.E

Apple’s Search Engine

The tech giant is poised to launch its rival engine soon. The question now is? Will Apple’s search engine have the same ill fate as Microsoft’s Bing?

Wiping Your Computer

Whether you’re selling it, trashing it, or reusing it, your old computer has a bunch of extremely private data stored inside. And there’s a good chance that tossing files in the recycling bin and hitting factory reset won’t protect you. If a hacker finds the pattern your computer used to move those 0s and 1s around, they can reverse engineer the original state of your computer and pull out the goods.

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