Weekly Tech Roundup for January 15 2021

You are cruising along and then Technology changes, you have to adapt – Marc Andersen
Just two weeks into the new year and no one is slowing down. We’ve seen updates everyday, from self-driving taxi, parler shut down to rollable phone.

In order to do just that we have put together a list of technology trends for your perusal.  After all, knowledge is never enough. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.

Tech Snippets

FTC onto Social Media Firms 

FTC Demands Social Media Firms’ User Data, Harvesting Tactics”A demand for a massive amount of data from nine technology companies — including Facebook and Twitter — has been made by the Federal Trade Commission in what could be a prelude to regulation on the handling data by the industry.” A.J

Self Driving cars Launched  

A self-driving taxi service operated by search engine Baidu’s autonomous driving service Apollo Go has opened to the public in Beijing, where people can simply show up to ride an experimental taxi from ranks in Haidian, Shunyi and Yizhuang without making a reservation.

Samsung’s upcycling program 

Samsung’s upcycling program is designed to give new life to old tech — Samsung says the program “reimagines the lifecycle of an older Galaxy phone and offers consumers options on how they might be able to repurpose their device to create a variety of convenient IoT tools.” O.W

All-in-one HapsBox

Hapsbox is a device that does a lot of functions for those that are music lovers. The HapsBox portable music system has the look of a toy spaceship, but it’s a powerful mobile music-making machine that’s newbie-friendly while also being attractive to pros.
Check out the link above and learn a whole lot about it. G.U

Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Lives 

“Although the technology is named Artificial Intelligence (AI), It is more accurate to call it Artificial learning (AL). Our society often mistakes intelligence with learning, our aptitudes to learn are often recognised as our intelligence.
This is a huge problem!”  N. A

Twitter’s stock slump

Twitter shares fell by as much as 12% on Monday after the company announced it had permanently banned President Trump’s account. K.J

LG’s Rollable phone 

LG teased its Rollable phone yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, and now the company is confirming it’s a real product that will be available in 2021. The LG Rollable has what the company calls a “unique resizable screen” that extends from a phone into a small tablet display. A.A

WhatsApp is Struggling 

Apparently, the change in policy has had more effect than what WhatsApp anticipated. Here’s what they have to say; “We want to be clear that the policy update does not affect the privacy of your messages with friends or family in any way. O.I

Medium acquires social book reading app Glose 

Glose has been building iOS, Android and web apps that let you buy, download and read books on your devices. The company has turned reading into a multiplayer experience, as you can build a bookshelf, share notes with your followers and start conversations in the margins. O.W

Here are lists of Companies who knows more about you. Maybe you might not know but with the recent fears on privacy concerns, we ought to know what information we’ve been sharing and with whom.

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