Weekly Tech Roundup for July 22, 2022

Once a new technology rolls over you if you are not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” –Stewart Brand

Hello guys,

We bring you some interesting tech-update that will improve your knowledge of technology. Take a seat and enjoy this week’s tech update.

Tech snippets

Amazon to create 4,000 UK jobs despite market slowdown

Tech giant, Amazon, has announced that it will create 4,000 permanent jobs in the UK amid sack and slowdown amongst other technology companies. – Joseph Oyebola

Empiricism is not just a fancy word

Such an Interesting take on Empiricism. Empiricism which describes knowledge from experience is the backbone of what scrum is built on. Scrum consists of three empirical pillars; transparency, inspection, and adaptation. – Amen Aimiuwu

How to write an effective developer resume:

Having a nice standard resume is an added advantage when applying for roles as a developer. What are the things hiring managers look out for? – Samuel Soaga

All you need to know about Virtual dollar card

Did your virtual dollar card get affected over the weekend? Did you receive a notice from any FinTech startups that you won’t be able to use your Virtual dollar card starting today? Here’s a list of alternatives to keep your international purchases going.  Olivia Wami

How to choose the best storage options for your company data

Learn how to choose the right storage options as a business owner or a decision maker in a company. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

Searching for emails in Gmail is about to get much faster

Searching for emails in Gmail can be quite exhausting especially when you have thousands of emails, but it is about to get much easier as Gmail introduces a machine learning model that will enable this. – Ibe Sarah.

Vladimir Putin bans digital payments in Russia

Russia has joined the number of countries that have banned Cryptocurrency transactions in their country after Russia’s authority sign a bill to ban digital currency earlier in the week. – Ridwan Bello

Two companies you could never have believed would be the first to reach Mars

Two private space companies Impulse Space and Relativity Space have joined SpaceX in the race to Mars. Impulse Space is a newly developed company with experienced engineers founded by Tom Muller who specializes in getting payloads into and around space. – Michael Adeyemi

Ubuntu 22.04’s snap-only software store is a bug, not a feature

Some bugs have been discovered to have caused some key futures in Ubuntu 22.0 to work effectively. – Michael Alex

The new Google Wallet is now available to all users

The new Google Wallet app is now available to all customers. This innovation seems to be an efficiently workable one. – Peter Elias

Understanding the role of design beyond producing designs

Understand how a designer makes an impact on the community with their product and how the users can access the product. – Sofiyat Lawal

Apple’s latest iOS and macOS updates offer more control over live sports

With the release of IOS 16 several weeks away. The latest iOS (15.6) updates provide more control over live sports in the tv app. – Michael Ayangbade

Frontier Super-computer to usher in exascale Computing

The technicians at Oak Ridge National Laboratory are assembling massive racks that will constitute the Frontier super-computer. – Elijah Moses

Facebook doubles down on algorithms in the main feed
Facebook has added additional updates to make this social page even more interesting, these additional algorithms now give you a feeds tab on the home tab. – Peculiar Favour

Reach all your content marketing goals with these 5 Tips

When it comes to a business’s activities and initiatives online, content marketing is absolutely critical to a digital strategy’s success. – Sunnday A. Oluyele

How to use keywords to combine the power of SEO and Google Ads
Over time the use of keywords for SEO optimization of content on search engines has proven vital for online visibility. Synchronizing the use of SEO and PPC can be much more effective. – Samuel O. Ajala

The benefits of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

With Microsoft365, you get an operating system with many benefits; collaborating effectively, managing updates & devices, and staying secure at all times. – Bamisile Tolulope.

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