Weekly Tech Roundup for November 03, 2023

‘The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.’ – Sean Gerety

Hello techies,
This week’s tech update is filled with exciting content. Take your best sitting position and enjoy

Meta’s Text Chat For Horizon Worlds Is Rolling Out To All Users

Meta’s text-based chat feature for Horizon Worlds will be available for all users beginning. – Emmanuel Ojaoba

Apple Will Develop The iPhone 17 In India For The First Time In 2024

Apple has decided to increase the number of iPhone units produced in India. However, Foxconn, which currently owns almost 80 percent of the production line for iPhone models in India is expected to bring down its production in China next year by 45 percent. – James Chukwu

Google Search Can Now Help You Solve Geometry, Physics And Calculus Problems

How Google Search is Revolutionising STEM Education. – Iyanu Fadele- Oluwafemi

Factory Wants To Use AI To Automate The Software Dev Lifecycle

Factory, founded by two software engineers, aims to enhance developer velocity by automating software engineering tasks that leverage AI models while adding custom safeguards and security measures. – Lanre Balogun

Provide Insights, Not Data

Learn the significance of establishing a Data Strategy. – Olaoluwa Ogunleye

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