Weekly Tech Roundup for September 7 2018

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The secret of Technology? Seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought about it. –  Dr. Albert

Every once in a while, an old problem and big idea birth a new Technology and transforms the way a situation is thought of. It’s really hard for you to keep track and that’s what we help you do. Take your time and digest every one of them. The world is fast evolving and so should your mind.

Kirin 980 – Meet The World’s First 5G-Ready 7nm Mobile Chipset

We all know very well that the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, I am talking about Huawei which is one of the great companies in the world of technology that is present in another edition of the IFA running in these days in Berlin. However, now according to the latest reports, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, of course, Huawei just unveiled its new flagship Kirin 980 SoC which is the world’s first 5G-ready 7nm mobile chipset.

Big O notation explained with illustrations

Big O notation is used to communicate how fast an algorithm is. Which is handy when evaluating people’s algorithms.

The mirror that brings the collective benefits of quality fitness studios into the home

Phones and other devices are not the only things getting smart these days, MIRRORS are too, and they here to help you improve you at- home workout experience.

Google launches a search engine to provide necessary datasets

if you are interested in data science and looking for datasets to work with, look no further as Google launches a new search engine that would provide you with the necessary dataset.

Beidou satellite navigation system finds a sweet spot in maritime rescue and transport applications

Satellite navigation system finds a sweet spot in maritime rescue and transport applications.

Google Chrome launches redesigned web browser that is easier to use

Seen the new Chrome yet?
Google Chrome Celebrates 10 years anniversary by launching a redesign of the popular web browser.

How to permanently stop auto-updates on Windows 10

My intent was to stop Windows update by turning on metered connection for my wifi/mobile hotspot, but after I turned on the metered connection it keeps downloading updates and used around 8gb of my data in a span of 2hrs which is quite costly!

About Weekly Tech Roundup by Bincom Dev Center 

You probably already know that Bincom ICT‘s core is Best Use of Technology. This initiative is a compilation of some of the things the people at Bincom Dev Center found interesting during the week in review.  Bincom Dev Center is the Training & Development Arm of Bincom ICT.

In this weekly publication, You will find various pieces ranging from ideas to trends, to random thoughts. They are here because we found them interesting.  We also include some knowledge development pieces and where to get more information about the topic. We aim to publish an edition every Friday at 5:00pm (with exception of Holidays).  We are working hard to keep ourselves updated and we think you should too!

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  • Senior Responsibility Officer:   Bade Adesemowo

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