Grevandt / IBS (Insurance Broker System)


Client: GreyStone is an incubation and company development firm relentlessly in pursuit of delivering valuable services via technology to emerging markets.

Situation: GreyStone offers value-added services (VAS), services provided by micro-insurance practitioners to enhance the appeal of a basic life and health insurance product to the informal sectors.

Challenge: GreyStone was in need of a services that would be generally Cost effective, provide Improved claims experience as well as a hitch free mobile registration process to enhance customer relationship.

Our Solution; We developed a system which allows subscribers the ability to buy a mobile insurance product that covers them for a specified period without physically liaising with an insurance firm. Its was pay as you go insurance coverage for subscribers on the Etisalat, now 9Mobile network, while criteria like the subscriber’s age on the network was instrumental in determining the subscriber’s eligibility for this service.

The entire solution was deployed on the Short Message Service (SMS) and USSD platform. Our highly experienced team was able to:

  • Fully evaluate and analyze the existing infrastructure
  • Design and Deliver work plans to implement within the shortest possible time.
  • Develop and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Perform risk assessment and update systems.
  • Generation of Automated / Pre-configured Reports.
  • Backup probe was developed with ticket raising capabilities in the event of system failure.

Results: We deployed a world-class solutions helping GreyStone safeguarding their investments, increase return on investment and reducing cost..

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