BBCOM / Credit Loan Scheme

Client Bell Benin Communication is a cellular telecommunications company in Beninese law, BBCOM is the fourth network to settle in the Benin market.

Situation: Bell Benin Communication has been at the forefront of providing customer-centric and affordable services in the Benin market.

Challenge In the course of providing better services to its subscriber, BBCOM was in need of Value-Added-Service (VAS) product that would increase customer satisfaction, Increase airtime sale & ARPU and Higher penetration to its subscribers.

Our Solution: We started by Analyzing and collecting requirements and we came up with a project management plan to develop a product which gives subscribers an advance airtime credit that allows a subscriber with a proven track record of commitment to the network to borrow airtime from the network to make emergency/ important calls and payback the borrowed airtime with a minimal service charge on the subscriber’s next recharge.

Result; Our team was able to design a cost-effective solution for BBCOM using industry leading platforms around the world. The product was a success and yielded some significant Increase in airtime sale in its first two months of launching. However, the service has been running on the network with over 99% uptime due to the consistent framework of best practice our team adopted.


Our highly experienced team was able to:

  • Develope and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Integrate a standard accounting software for Reconciliation purposes
  • Insert a backup probe to perform amount verification after every top-up.
  • Generation of Automated / Pre-configured Reports
  • Backup probe was developed with ticket raising capabilities in the event of system failure

Conclusion: In a nutshell, the project was completed successfully as scheduled with improved performance and data integrity.


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