Incentivized Mobile Advertising

Incentivized Mobile Advertising is a service that will allow the Candidate to leverage the extensive penetration of mobile phones for advertising and campaign needs.

The service provides targeted campaign advertising based on an intelligent segmentation of potential voters into predefined electoral demographics.

The solution further ensures attentiveness to campaign messages by providing incentives which can be accessed only after the completion of theย  campaign advert. This helps to accurately measure the reach and effectiveness of the advertising campaigns.

Access to the service incentives will fall under the following categories:

Sponsored Calls: When a subscriber runs out of airtime they listen to campaign ad and get 30 -120 secs free call credit.

Sponsored SMS: When a subscriber doesnโ€™t have airtime or wants to conserve airtime, they can send a free SMS with a campaign ad embedded in the text

Sponsored Surveys: Users participate in surveys indicating their preferred candidates and in return get 30 -120 secs free call credit

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