Project Monitoring Tool for Enterprise

BINCOM ICT SOLUTION proposes a Project Monitoring Solution interface to monitor and track project schedule that is lightweight, platform-independent program that allows anyone manage multiple projects, clients or tasks  effectively in your organisation.

At Bincom ICT we are providing you with a fully functional, cost effective and user friendly Project monitoring tools solution named PROJECT TRACKER© these tool allows you to have;

Easy confirmation of various process details by Desk officers , monitoring team and other Stakeholder.

Easy analysis of  trends, process etc.

Generation of Automated / Pre-configured Reports.

Extremely fast internal monitoring process.

Functionality to send process notifications to Contractor during key stages of the project.

It provides the necessary Business Intelligence for Government of the state of Osun and the ministry of works.

Real time data on all projects.

Overview of all projects at a glance.

Drill down functionality.

Benefit Of Using Project Monitoring Solution

Customized, innovative and simple solution integrated project. management solution with web and data interface.

Quick accessibility, User-friendly secure and multi-layered interactivity.

24/7 support team.

Ability to add new functionality on the fly statistical project updates.

Professional project management resource services.

Central project coordination and management.

Ability to track project progress and update through out Osun State.

Access to instant reports on your mobile, BB, IPAD,E-mail, website and online interface.

Media and public briefing updates at your finger tips.

Direct accessibility and control over key capital expenditure projects.

Increase in credibility of projects based on controlled access on project owners, supervising MDAs and citizens of the state.

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