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At Bincom we take a well thought out approach to problem solving, which is evident in the quality of solutions we develop and deploy on behalf of our customers.

Our familiarity with current technology, innovative nature and attention to detail spawn end-to-end solutions that enhance internal processes to address specific pain points for each line of business thereby providing a custom fit for your business segment or organization.

We also deploy and manage turnkey solutions based on industry wide best practices to help achieve specific business objectives in line with organizational goals. These solutions are built in modular implementation packages which can be scaled within budgetary constraints.

Our Solutions include:

1. OutSource IT

2. Election Monitoring Solution

3. Project Monitoring Tool for Enterprise

4. Access Control Systems

5. Total Web Management

6. Bincom Academy

Bincom Tech Tour

“The best journeys in life are those that answer questions you never thought to ask.” ― Rich Ridgeway Bincom Dev Center is organizing a tour around the Technology Ecosystem in Lagos and its environs. Today, technology is a booming market full of exciting and innovative products and it is opening...

Bincom Dev Center

Bincom Dev Center

Bincom Dev Center is the Training & Development Arm of Bincom ICT ( Bincom Dev Center has a vision to produce 1,000 high quality tech professionals every year. Some of the services offered and managed by Bincom Dev Center include: Bincom Academy – intensive training in a Montessori approach –...

Bincom Campaign and Election Solutions

Bincom Campaign and Election Solutions

  Elections in developing Countries, now more than ever, require the adoption of a new and innovative strategy to differentiate and distinguish the would be winner of the election’s offering from competing opponents and even other political parties. Any approach adopted must be able to further the candidate’s agenda by...

PHP/MySQL Training

PHP/MySQL Training

Bincom ICT Solutionsis here to help a burgeoning trader to become a tycoon in their specific fields. Our innovative ideas, sophisticated ICT solutions and compact training program have created a new world for young businesspersons. PHP/ MYSQL Training for Beginners This is a 1 week intensive PHP / MYSQL practical...

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

The use of social media by individuals and organisation is very rampant. It offers companies and individuals diverse ways of communicating with target audience. However, due to the number of potential ways to use these social media channels, many companies and individuals still see it as just a one-way channel...

Joomla Uni

Joomla Uni

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to...

Bincom Academy – PHP/MySQL Class

Bincom Academy – PHP/MySQL Class

What is Bincom Academy?   Bincom Academy is an intensive training programme facilitated by Bincom ICT Solutions. The PHP/MySQL Programming Class is 3 weeks of intensive training. During this period, we shall take the participant through our core application development training curriculum in a Montessori approach. What you will learn?...


OutSource IT

We are your one-stop solutions provider for Start-ups and Corporate : 1. Application Development 2. Enterprise 3. Mobile 4. IT Service Management 5. Best Use of Technology Get in touch now or call us on +2347011954852 Some of our Enterprise services under OutsourceIT includes : IT Advisory and Consulting : At...


Election Monitoring Solution

The Electoral Systems in some countries are not yet perfect. Past corruption and several laxities of the electoral commission has caused opportunities for electoral fraud or at least the  suspicion of  Electoral Fraud. Nowadays, being the candidate with the people’s mandate may not be enough to guarantee success at the...


Project Monitoring Tool for Enterprise

BINCOM ICT SOLUTION proposes a Project Monitoring Solution interface to monitor and track project schedule that is lightweight, platform-independent program that allows anyone manage multiple projects, clients or tasks  effectively in your organisation. At Bincom ICT we are providing you with a fully functional, cost effective and user friendly Project monitoring...