OutSource IT

We are your one-stop solutions provider for Start-ups and Corporate :

1. Application Development
2. Enterprise
3. Mobile
4. IT Service Management
5. Best Use of Technology

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Some of our Enterprise services under OutsourceIT includes :

IT Advisory and Consulting :

At OutsourceIT by Bincom, we are totally aware of the fact that individuals and organizations alike,especially SMEs and Start-ups, constantly face the challenge of lack of access to experienced skills and minds in the IT field hence our IT Advisory feature was born.

You can have access to remarkable individuals, you have proven themselves to be tech savvy in every sense of the word, due to their years of experience and constant self-improvement and development In the IT space…Book Now

Outsourced Technology Resource for Hire :

The need for ICT solutions and Expertise has had an exponential increase over the years. Every organization one way or another, requires Information Communication and Technology resources at various levels.

With these requirements comes challenges including lack of up-to-date skills, high attrition rates, requirements for consistent knowledge development, specialized resource management and many others.

To solve these challenges, OutsourceIT by Bincom, offers the following to organizations of various sizes :

  • Fully evaluate, develop, and provide skilled and experienced developer(s) and other technology resources to solve the organizational IT needs.
  • Provision of support in various IT fields and stacks.
  • Provision of support with complete short, medium and long term ICT plan.
  • Provision of onsite and other levels of support as at when needed…See more

For more details, get across to us on +2347011954852 or via the Drop us a message button at the bottom of the page and let’s place you on the right track to achieving astonishing development and improvement, leveraging on the Best Use of Technology.

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